GE Adds Manufacturing Jobs In The U.S.


GE is investing $800 million in its appliance arm. That means there are new jobs opening right here in the United States. When they recently announced 250 job openings in their Kentucky plant, over 10,000 applications were received in only six hours. Learn how GE is adding manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

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4 Responses to GE Adds Manufacturing Jobs In The U.S.

  1. Great news! I had some GE stocks a while back, but sold them since they weren’t doing too well. I’ll have to check them out again.

  2. Forest says:

    All this small job signs can surely only be good news for the basic strengthening of the economy. I’m certainly no capitalist but I do want the USA to be stable when it comes to manufacturing and retail.

  3. krantcents says:

    It makes me happy, I am a GE shareholder.

  4. One of the pioneers of outsourcing to India, now insourcing jobs?

    Actually, outsourcing never really created the returns companies were hoping for. It was just the cost cutting strategy du jour that kept investors happy. Bringing some jobs back makes sense in light of the over-used exodus strategies of the last decade. Not all jobs will come back, but a few will.

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