Americans Getting Back Into Financial Shape

If you watch a lot of television, there is no shortage of pundits shouting from the rafters that we are all in dire financial straits, but how correct are they?  According to the infographic below, we’re not only getting into financial shape, we’re kicking debt’s butt big time!

Here are some highlights:

  • The average revolving credit card debt has fallen by 7% in two years
  • The total American debt has fallen for the fifth year in a row
  • After peaking in 2011, home foreclosures are falling
  • Bankruptcy filings have fallen dramatically after peaking in 2010

Take a peak at just how well we are doing financially.

Americans Getting Back Into Financial Shape

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3 Responses to Americans Getting Back Into Financial Shape

  1. How do you make these infographics?! Absolutely astonishing! I would agree that things are getting better but we’re FAR from being in “good” financial pounds. A better statement may be “We lost 15 pounds but still weigh about 280lbs” None the less great stats and amazing representation!

  2. This is fabulous news. The debt levels and general attitudes of consumers was getting pretty worrisome. Maybe the big financial crisis scared some sense into some people.

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