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Is it the middle of June already? If you’ve followed my saga with my tenant, then you might remember that she was scheduled to move out of the house by the 15th. It’s not going to happen but I still have hope that she’ll be gone by the end of the month. I’ve just reached a point where I don’t want to deal with her anymore. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when I have a normal tenant. I look forward to it though.

I’m supposed to be happy that the market is down because it’s supposed to be a good time to buy, but I don’t feel that way. I see my 401K balance creeping down every day that the market closes down and it’s not a good thing. All of the personal finance gurus saying things like, “If you invest X amount today and assume a return rate of 8% you’ll end up with some REALLY BIG NUMBER in 20 years” needs to rethink that. I’m lucky if I get 3% and 5% is like water to a thirsty woman. The infamous 8% return is looking more and more like a desert mirage every day. But, I do have decades until retirement, so I guess I have some time.

Okay, on to the best personal finance articles that I found this week that had lists.

  1. Fabulously Broker has a like of the Top 10 most Stressful Jobs. On the list are two people that I hope to never meet when they’re in a stressed out state.  The first is a Commercial Airline Pilot for obvious reasons.  In fact, if that’s your job and you’re stressed out, I give you permission to just not show up.  Please.  The second is an EMT.  If I have need of an EMT, I should be the only one stressed out and hopefully you should be unshakeable, ’cause I’ll need you to focus!
  2. Frugal Dad has 62 (odd number) Money Saving Tips To Help Survive Another Recession.  There are actually some really great tips which includes things that you might not even think about like taking a Navy shower (#39) and watering down juices (#27) – both of which I already do. Nice to know someone else is just as cheap.
  3. Before TLC’s American Pickers and the Antique Road Show I never knew that country auctions were so popular!  I’m quite honestly astounded by how popular they seem to be.  Once day when I have a large space to fill and money burning a hole in my pocket (won’t happen) I might show up at a country auction and use Wisebread’s How to Buy Like A Pro at a Country Auction.
  4. I play banking hot potato meaning that I will go to whichever bank offers me money.  right now I’m waiting for Bank of America to stop offering me $100 to open a Merrill Lynch account and start offering me that much for a checking account.  If you hop banks or if you plan on opening an account anytime soon, then you should print and bring Moneycone’s 10 Questions To Ask Your Bank Before You Open An Account
  5. If you’re just beginning your debt reduction journey, perhaps now is a good time for you to take stock of what you’re doing and why you are motivated to make a change.  Enemy of Debt has Six Important Questions to Consider When Improving Your Finances. Personally, I just had one.  I was tired of the stress and wanted a decent night’s sleep.  It was enough.

That’s it for the lists!  On a different note, I need some down time, so be prepared for some guest posts.  I recommend that everyone has some recharge time even if it’s just one day.  Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Hey Sandy, don’t lose hope! Keep up the pressure on your tenant! Call her up everyday, send notices, do everything you can legally!

    And mucho thanks for the mention!

  2. I love when the market is down because I am able to distance myself from the 401(k)…just detach from it emotionally we are so young!

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