Best of Personal Finance This Week

It’s time once again to review the best personal finance articles that I found on the internet this week. This time we are focusing on obscure things that you might not know.

Frugal Zeitgeist had a post this week on the billionaires that have pledged to give away at least half their wealth. Some, like Warren Buffett are not waiting for their death to see the impact of giving away their wealth.

From Len Penzo, comes a timely post about Halloween candy. I love the stuff and it’s making my dentist rich, but I can’t help it. Len polled his kids to find 10 Unique Halloween Treats That Kids Love – But Rarely Get!

I don’t own an expensive phone. In fact, my phone is about 5 years old and cost $25 back then, so I’ve made out pretty well, but if you have one of those expensive phones, then Inexpensively’s article, Cell Phone Insurance: Hero or Villian? is for you. It doesn’t make sense for me but might be worth it for you.

Tax time is coming up, so it’s time to come up with some Creative Tax Deductions. This was posted on Your Smart Money Moves by OxyGenFinancial. Puppy might end up on my tax forms!

We all have to die some time, so Wealth Pilgrim help us to prepare for the death of a spouse. You can feel free to put me in your will. Thanks in advance.

Those were some of the best articles that I found on the web this week! Please feel free to pop over and read some of these posts.

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