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Is Your Side Hustle Ready For Prime Time?

If you’re like many hustlers, you probably have a million ideas in your head for what you might want to start on the side. Whether it’s a food truck or a eCommerce site or a kiosk in the mall, your head is full of ideas to the point that it might actually be paralyzing you.

The key to wrangling your thoughts is to start plucking these ideas out of your head and putting them on paper. Then you need to analyze each one and decide whether it’s something you want to pursue or if it’s something you believe will not work.

The goal of this exercise is to go through your list of ideas and settle on one that you think gives you the best chance for success. Then execute it, as cheaply and quickly as possible, to find out if it will work. If it does, fantastic! If it doesn’t, move onto the next one best opportunity.

So how do you analyze these opportunities? […]

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Going International with Your eCommerce Store

Online shopping has exploded in the past decade. The demand for a wider selection of products, better prices, and convenience has created an entirely new marketplace. However, you may be missing out on a whole other audience if you’re not paying attention to the potential of international customers. For example, according to the New York Times, online shopping in China skyrocketed into a $211 billion business in 2012, making the country one of the world’s foremost nations of online shoppers. There is potentially a hidden customer base you may not even know exists, and if you don’t take steps to make your business accessible to international shoppers, they may never find you either. […]

show me the money - What to Do If You Don't Get Paid from a client on a Freelance Job.

What to Do If You Don’t Get Paid on a Freelance Job

If you want to pay off your credit card debt, but do not earn enough from your day job, starting a home-based business might be the answer. You can turn a hobby into a lucrative business, and all income from your business can go towards your consumer debt.  I’m constantly advocating a side hustle or a Plan B just for this purpose.  Of course, this is easier said than done, as it can take several months to get a new business off the ground. And even if you do get your business off the ground and acquire several clients, you may run into a few slow payers.

Getting some clients to pay for services rendered can be challenging. But there are professional and effective ways to get your money. […]

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I Make Money Online: Blogging

I don’t know why I never thought abut writing this article because I do this every month, but one way that I make money online is by running this blog.  How much am I making?  On average I net about $1,000 each month but it has been higher than that as well.  I think that I made close to $3,000 during my best month.  You can make money blogging as well.

First, let me be completely honest with you.  Everyone can have a blog, but not every blog can or will make you money.  That’s the truth that everyone selling you the dream of riches earned with your keyboard will not tell you.  Second, having a blog that will make you money takes time.  Once you calculate the amount of time that it takes to make money on your blog, you might decide that it is easier and more time effective to just get a second job. Okay, on to how I make money blogging. […]

giving-money - Make Money From Me Right Now!

Make Money From Me Right Now!

I’ve moved away from talking about debt all the time on this blog and instead decided to incorporate some ways to make additional money…to use for debt repayment, of course.  Some of these methods might be a bit unorthodox, so I know that it leaves many of you apprehensive about trying some of these things yourself.  One such method might have been a peer-to-peer loan or investment on Prosper or Lending Club. […]

Two Years of P2P Lending Results With Prosper

Two Years of Peer-to-Peer Lending Results With Prosper

Last year I reviewed how my lending account with was doing. I thought I would continue along those lines and share how my account is doing after the two year mark. If you don’t know what is, it is one of the largest peer-to-peer lending networks in the country. and its rival, gives everyday men and women like us the opportunity to effectively become bankers, lending our money out to others in the hopes of attracting a really good rate of return. You can read all up on how it works on Finance 101: What The Heck Is Peer-to-Peer Lending? […]

how to Make money per Tweet On Twitter?

Why I Make $20 Per Tweet On Twitter And You Don’t

As some of you know, I attended the very first ever Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago over the October 1 weekend.  It was great to be around some like-minded people to share ideas, learn some best practices, and knock back a few cold beverages.  In one particular session about making money online, I asked the presenter about the potential for making money on Twitter since she had not really mentioned its ability to add some serious cash into your pockets.  When I mentioned that I was making close to $25 per Tweet, I felt the heads of everyone in the room whip around to see who was make that comment. […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Using Your Credit Cards

5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Using Your Credit Cards

Now I know most of you guys are thinking the title sounds too good to be true. You might want to read this when you’re alone because nobody wants to share a “money making secret” with their coworkers. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a job replacement, but it can put some extra dollars into your pockets.

Let me start out by saying that I have a large family that loves to travel, so I take advantage, oops, I mean I assist them with their bookings. Now you are probably wondering how does this make me money. One of my credit cards offers 5% cash back on travel purchases and since my family thinks credit cards are a tool from the devil and don’t like using them I save the day. I have booked numerous tickets for them. I collect the cash up front when booking and pay the credit card in full immediately. In 2 weeks I made $50 from booking tickets. […]

I Make Money Online: Virtual Assistant- Hiring freelancers and contractors provided substantial savings on payroll expenses

I Make Money Online: Virtual Assistant

Over the past few years, we have all received an influx of daily news reports about the dreadful outlook of our economy.  This news was especially troubling for me at about this time last year.  I was just preparing to finish the last few quarters of college before receiving my degree and was not feeling optimistic about the future career that it could provide for me.  After all, there were scores of people with better degrees and more work experience that still couldn’t find a job.  Even worse, my biggest nightmare as a pizza delivery driver had just come true: my car’s transmission suddenly gave out one day on my way to class.  It began to seem as if any hope I had for a bright and successful future was lost. […]