how i repaid $50,000

6 Months Unemployed + 9 Month Temp Job = $50,000+ Debt Slayed In Less Than 2 Years

Get a comfy chair.  You’re going to be here for a while. Pressed for time? Just get a secret link to download this entire thing plus four additional pages of information when you subscribe. You can read at your leisure. Yesterday after paying down one bill I crunched the numbers and realized that since January[…]


How I Can Afford To Retire At 40

I promised that I would share how I plan on retiring at 40, so this is it.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how a regular Jane can do this, here’s your chance.  First, we have to get one thing out of the way before we even talk about my actual plans:

Retirement does not mean the same thing for everyone.  What I plan on doing is retirement will most likely be far from your idea of retirement.

Back when the dinosaurs roamed way back in your parents’ or grandparents’ day, retirement might have meant sitting at home watching television, while knitting socks.  They might occasionally take a cruise, visit the grand kids or host family events.  That’s not my idea of retirement. […]

Net Worth - A Little Motivation For You

How I Doubled My Net Worth In Five Years On A Crappy Salary

With all of the things that I share on this site my net worth has never been one of them. It’s not like I’m an incredibly private person, but I always felt as if I should hold at least ONE thing close to the chest. That’s about to go right out the window.

Blogging buddy J. Money asked bloggers if we were willing to share our net worth and I guess I felt challenged enough to (1) calculate that number and then (2) share that with the world (okay, the three of you who read this site).

You already know about my debt. This blog was established with the sole purpose of documenting my way out and upward and it’s been some ride.

When I started this blog way back my very first post detailed my debt of $105,665.31 and optimism. I started owing less money than I do now but the circumstances are so much more different (grammatically incorrect, but it stays) than they were then. Back in 2009 the only thing that I owned was my debt and two degrees…and a lemon of a newish car that I had to have constantly repaired at the dealer. […]

lonely road - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Is Not About The Money

lonely road - EntrepreneurshipI constantly get into disagreements with my other half about working too hard and being too focused on money.  He thinks that I have both of those issues. I agree to disagree.

Yes, I work hard.  I put in nine to ten hour days at work then get home and run my own small business and then find time to write articles for this site. I don’t get as much sleep as I should but that doesn’t bother me.  It’s not the money that motivates me, entrepreneurship is about the freedom. 

I’m more than a little focused on getting completely out of debt and I have a very short time table to do so. With over $130,000 owed to creditors and a goal of paying it all off in less than five years, I am extremely aggressive in my narrow-minded focus of paying debt and amassing retirement funds.  The goal is that once everyone is paid I will work for myself on my own terms – effectively retiring at 40[…]

Leasing or Buying - Car Loan

Your Car Loan Approval Is Waiting

If you are looking to buy your first car you may be uncertain of the procedure for getting finance. You may be just starting your first job but have reasonable prospects and believe that you can afford the costs involved in running a car. As long as you have reached the age of 18 and are looking to borrow a minimum of £2,000 then you are likely to find someone willing to advance the money as long as you can show your ability to pay the monthly installments. […]


Why I’m Not Signing Up For ObamaCare Even Though I Need Healthcare

I Can Not Afford It


Yeah, I pretty much can’t afford it.  You can stop reading here if you want, but I have some data to back up my reasoning.  Enter the rabbit hole with me.

First, I have to say that I welcomed the Affordable Care Act when it was proposed as a single payer system.  The way that it would have worked (ideally) is that Medicaid would be the benefit carrier and as long as your doctor accepted Medicaid, you would have some level of service.  It would have been a much easier solution to the hodgepodge mess that has been enacted.  I’m ahead of myself.  Let’s backtrack on how I came to this decision. […]