December 1 Check In & $75 Giveaway

It’s the beginning of the month and you know what that means? Yes, the debt.  I feel like I need to cue up some dramatic music when I say that.  This post is a full 10 days overdue and I’m a horrible blogger for being so far behind. There’s just way too much going on to stay on a schedule, but we’ll get to that later.

Okay, the usual why-I-do-this bit.  If you are viewing this on the site, the tagline below the logo says, “Digging My Way Out of Some Serious Debt.” That’s the entire point of this site and I’ve been doing it for some time.  I want to share my journey in the highs and lows of getting out of debt with you and prove that it can be done without filing for bankruptcy and without making six figures(I wish!) per year.  I also like to share how I’m making money online.  well, I don’t LIKE to share, but I’ve committed myself to doing it, so I will. Let’s go right to the debt.

The Debt

dec debt

The debt continues to trend downward which is always a good thing. You’ll notice that one credit card is entire paid off and I am working on the other two.  It’s all good as long as the trend line continues to head downward.  I want to be able to continue this trend to the point where I am free of both credit cards debts (still paying 0% interest on them both!) leaving me free to concentrate on the largest debts.  At that point I don’t know what the heck I am going to do because all of the other debts are pretty large.

I am really happy that I managed to put $3,000 towards the debt last month. Considering what my take home pay is, I can truly see the fruits of my labor from this blog going directly to the debt, as it should be.

I did bump into this gem to the right where my student loan appears to have been paid off.  I had

student loans

If only it were true.

a mild heart attack because I know that the federal government has been a major – pardon the expression – fuck up when it comes to servicing student loans.  If they planned on deducting that amount from my accounts they were in for a pretty rude service.  But, I called this morning and apparently my loans are being transferred to some other God awful servicing company…again.  The government just didn’t tell me…again.  So now, I can’t access my loans until who-the-hell-knows.  But, it was nice to see a zero balance.  Just once.

The Blog Income

Okay kids, on to how much I made online. Remember, I might have earned it, but I might not yet have been paid for it. The goal is always to hit around $1,000 per month in extra “side hustle” income.

Google Adsense How to Kill Bed Bugs: $0
Google Adsense Super Secret Niche Site: $113.97
Google Adsense Shirataki Noodles: $0.02
Google Adsense My Tenant From Hell: $0.95
Google Adsense YIAC: $83.69
Private Ads: $390
Sponsored Tweets: $3.92
Ad Site #1: $197
Ad Site #2: $42.00
Other stuff: $0
Total: $831.55

I did not do as well as I had hoped, but that’s fine.  It is all gravy money as far as I am concerned.  Okay, more like car note money.  Whatever it is, it’s extra and like a second helping at Thanksgiving, it’s all good!

But, I also promised to tell you how much my expenses were as well.  In November my expenses amounted to $122.16, so I netted $709.39 and I’m prepared to share a bit of that with you, but hey, I’m cheap!

Every year at this time I typically do a daily freebie every single day through the end of December. I’m not doing that this year. Instead, I’d love to celebrate the season with you by participating in a 12 Day of Christmas giveaway that I, along with a few fellow personal finance writers are hosting. Every day there is a different giveaway for you to enter. Mine is pretty simple. I am giving away $75USD in hard cash to two individuals this year. I’ll give $25USD to one Facebook follower, $25USD to one confirmed e-mail subscriber and $25USD to one Twitter follower. If you’re either of those already then you’re already entered. I don’t like making you jump through hoops since this season is stressful enough. To make things easy on me, please be sure to respond to your winning e-mail within 5 days! If you need all the legalese, check out the contest rules. You must enter by December 22, 2012. You must to 18 or the age of majority in your state to enter. This is void where prohibited. If you’d like to enter the other giveaways, please check out the list below!

11 Other Great Giveaways

One more thing.  It’ll be my blog’s anniversary next month, and like every year, I will be giving away a fabulous gift next month as usual.  Be sure to come back during the first week of January to see what I’m offering this year.  Last year it was a Kindle Fire and cash!

Have a great holiday season.

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