I Need A Twittervention

This is totally off topic and the first off topic post that I’ll make in almost a year-and a half of having this blog.

I’ve resisted all social media for a long time. I have no Myspace, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Flickr and I don’t even have this blog on WordPress. That all changed when I joined Twitter. I am now a Twitterholic. There is just too much deliciousness on Twitter not to pass it up. I’m spending way too much time on Twitter reading stupid little minuscule posts by people that I would never spend 5 minutes with, and I can’t tell you why!
Twitter cartoon BF - I Need A Twittervention
Yesterday I must have spent a good half-hour watching all of the dumb posts on #cincodemayo. I did not realize just how many alcoholics there were behind the screen. People can’t spell. They don’t write in English. For the love of God someone needs to explain to people when to use “your” versus “you’re”. And if I see “ur” on my screen one more time I might fall off my chair in an epileptic fit. There, I said it. You know you’re thinking it. But really. Someone help me. I can’t help myself.

Oh, and if you’re on Twitter, check out my feed @yesiamcheap. I post freebies all day, every single day. You can also see my feed to the right of this post. Shameless plug. I also compiled a list of the best frugal people on twitter.

Twitter cartoon courtesy of BradFitzpatrick.com

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