July 1 Debt Check In

Hello, Summer!

I have always loved summer more than any other time of the year.  There is an energy about Summer that is completely unlike any other time of the year.  Yes, the other seasons are nice, but Summer comes with this extra air of freedom that I just never feel any other time of the year.

Freedom; a special word.  That’s how I’ve felt these past months out of work.  I’ve felt incredibly free to pursue a few things that I’ve wanted to do.  We wait so long during our entire lives until the decade when we can finally do what we would like to do.  Unfortunately, for most of us, that comes at the very end of our lives when we might have the desire, but less energy to do what we would like.

In the past two years I have had two very good friends and one very young cousin pass away, well before they ever got the chance to do what they wanted to do.  This time has been, I don’t know, special for me because I took the time when I wanted to, not when I was allowed to.

In this time I’ve slept very little, eaten extremely well, lost twenty pounds and started a new business.  I’ll chat a bit more about that new business part in a little bit.  It’s been freeing, and the best, I suspect is yet to come.  But, you’re here for the debt numbers, so let’s chat about that.

The Debt


Yeap, it is what it is.  I’m going to be paying the minimums on my debt from here on out.  Some things didn’t move much because I added the cost of new machinery to my credit card.  One of us didn’t have health insurance and some medical issues popped up to the tune of $2,500 which also migrated onto and mostly off of the credit cards as well.

Since I stopped working in March I have put more than $8,000 towards the debt.  Some things will hit a credit card during the month and get paid off, so you never see it.  So, when you think that I’m not making progress very quickly, it’s because of the intra-month shuffle game that I play that you might never, ever see.  But, not everything goes on the card.  I pay most of our expenses in cash especially if I know that I will not pay off the credit card that month.  There’s no reason for me to put a charge on a credit card just to get points if I know that it might result in me paying interest.  I just can’t do that.

But, where there’s always a positive for every negative.  The good thing is that now that I’m home being the primary caregiver for one of our elderly parents, the other half decided to pick up some freelance work.  They liked him so much that they offered him a permanent position which he started one week ago.  🙂  I’m happy that one door opens as one closes.  We have been incredibly lucky in that respect.   This will buy me more time than I had originally planned for, so expect to see me out of work for probably another two months at least.  I had thought of taking three months off and now I’ve extended it to six months at least.

A cousin asked me why I would ever consider going back to working for someone else, especially when I hate it so much.  Well, the original plan was to retire by 40, not 34.  The next few years will give me a chance to completely eliminate all debt, and if I’m working for someone else, pad the 401K with matching funds.  If, however, I happen to win the lottery for millions, Bora Bora here I come.

This blog is still a part of my supplemental income.  Let’s share how much I made online in June.

Online Income

Google Adsense My Tenant From Hell: $1.59
Google Adsense YIAC: $115.72
Google Adsense Niche Site: $168.68
Private Ads: $617.37
Ad network #1: $122.40
Ad network #2: $42.00
Total: $1,067.76

I made it over my minimum of $1,000, but its far from my new goal of $2,000.  Wait, wait, wait.  I did have some expenses last month totaling $92.25 which means that my net income was $975.51.  I missed the mark because I devoted a good amount of time to the creation of the site for my new venture.  No worries, we will certainly rectify missing my minimum in July.  It’s when everyone goes on vacation, but there is no rest for the serial entrepreneur.  At least, there’s no rest for this one.

I have done some things for the blog, but they were more offline in June than online.  Last month I made two appearances on Huffington Post Live, one appearance on a radio show, one appearance on a podcast, was mentioned in Kiplinger’s magazine and a partridge in a pear tree.

When I wrote about how I make money blogging, I saved media and public appearances as highly ranked items that I planned on pursuing.  Incredibly, I put that out in the universe and it came back to me tenfold.  Yes, it did take time away from the blog, but I can’t be everywhere at one time.

Which brings me on to the next thing.  When I gave a sneak peak of the new venture last month someone asked if I was spreading myself too thin by not concentrating on one thing.  It was a great question! Frankly, I have never been able to focus on any one thing.  It’s just not how my brain works.  And frankly, I consider myself to be a serial entrepreneur.  The best part of any venture for me is the beginning the venture.  The excitement of creating something from nothing gives me a high that no chemical ever could.

But yes, maybe I am spreading myself thin.  I did that for years with employers. Now, I get to do it for myself.  It’s nearly 3:00 AM on Tuesday morning and I’m writing this post.  At 6:30 AM I will be in my car on a 3.5 hour trip to sign paperwork with my final tenant and finish a few things with my last apartment renovation.  I’ll then make that trip back Tuesday night and will probably go to sleep at 3:00 AM on Wednesday morning.  Complaints? None.  I’m doing what I want to do, and I have no regrets.

I’m a 1990’s kid.  Does anyone remember the cartoon Pinky and The Brain from back then? Short story is that they were laboratory mice.  The Brain was always plotting and planning how to take over the world.  Pinky was his not too smart sidekick.  Most days I think of myself as The Brain. Some days I’m definitely Pinky.  If my brain can conceive it, my hands (and pinky) will try to achieve it.  Either way, I’m always trying to take over the world.  It’s even on my Twitter profile.

Speaking of taking over the world, the new site is finally live.  Yes, I am selling cell phone cases.  Yes, it’s competitive.  I’m now adding new designs every day so this thing literally changes daily.

There is an affiliate program paying 15% on every order if you’d like to join.  Unlike other programs, you can actually embed the entire web store onto a page on your own site if you wish.  I thought that I’d give my affiliates options if they so wished.

Okay, enough about me, what about you?  I’d like to give YOU something since I didn’t do one for my birthday.  By now I’ve usually done two giveaways.  To make up for it I’m giving away five cell phone cases.  I only have iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5 cases for now.  What do you have to do? Enter below to be considered.   If you win, you’ll order the design through the site using a coupon code that will make the item free for you.  You also have the option of sending me your own image for me to put on your case.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What did I learn last month? I learned that it always pays to do your very best, because you never know what it might lead to. Had my other half treated what should have been a one-week job as just that, he would not be in his current position.  It pays to do the best you can at whatever you do because someone might be watching you, and I’m not just talking about the wonderful folks at the NSA.  If you are interning somewhere this summer, pretend as if it were your permanent job and you’d like to hold on to it.  You never know what might happen!

Have a wonderful Independence Day.  Celebrate while we still have some.

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