Ninth Month Check In

Ninth Month CheckMy gosh. I’ve gone through 8 full months of this belt tightening. I wasn’t sure if I could make it this far, but I am past the halfway mark and it feels awesome. Time to see how I’m doing.

I began August with the following balances:

Student Loan #1 $2,291.03
Student Loan #2 $38,063.25
Credit Card #1 $656.29
Credit Card #2 $4,857.19
HELOC $45,974.90
Personal Loan $73.63
Car Note $3,190.70
Total: $95,106.99

I am beginning September with the following balances:

Student Loan #1 $2,117.38
Student Loan #2 $38,634.74
Credit Card #1 $495.72
Credit Card #2 $4,508.54
HELOC $45,822.22
Personal Loan $0 YEAH BABY, YEAH
Car Note $2,301.99
Total: $93,880.59

Did anyone else notice that my student loan balance jumped by almost $600? Yeah, me too. So I called the student loan people. It seems that they have some outstanding interest on a loan so they capitalized (added it to my principal balance) the interest. I hit the ceiling. First, I’ve been out of school for 5 years so there should be no interest that needs to be capitalized. One of two things has happened. They either added someone else’s interest to my loan incorrectly or someone is out there with a loan somewhere in my name. Either way it’s not a good scenario so I have the student loan people tracing where the extra amount came from. It’s horrible because, get this, THEY DO NOT ISSUE MONTLY STATEMENTS ANYMORE so unless you’re like me and track your balances yourself, you have no clue what the balance is from one month to the next. Not good.

Anyway, they will take 7-10 business days to get back to me. In those 7-10 business days you know that I’ll be steaming the entire time. I’m so beyond ticked off since my balance should be nearing $93,000 and not going up.

I did pay off the personal loan so that’s a happy occurance. I want to concentrate on paying off Credit Card #1 and the car note next. I am scheduled to pay off the car by April 25, 2010 but I’d like to get that up to about February or so. It will take some serious dedication because I’m also trying to build my emergency fund back up. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that car note though.

P.S. I love that today is 09/09/09 and I’m on my 9th check in. I’m corny. I know it.

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