October 1 Check In

It’s October and there’s a lot going on in the world. Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ll know that our elected leaders don’t know how to play together in the sandbox so our government has officially shut down. What does this mean?

Our federal employees are furloughed so they’re not getting paid every day this government is closed. Our national parks and museums are closed. I tried calling the IRS. That wasn’t happening either.  Oh, and parts of this thing commonly called Obamacare (which apparently many people don’t know is the Affordable Care Act)  went into effect. You should be able to find healthcare exchanges in your local state.

This monthly roundup isn’t about all of those goings on, its about what’s going on with me. I thought that I  should mention the things above in case you have no clue what all the hoopla is about.

This monthly roundup is the longest running series on this blog. The entire reason why I established this blog was to track my debt reduction process and what I’ve done to reduce my debt. Sharing this with you guys keep me accountable and focused on the debt reduction plan.

I’ve kept at this for nearly FIVE years. That’s longer than my longest tenure with any employer. The key to any debt reduction plan is consistency. No matter how you choose to get out of debt, continuing with your plan until you reach zero is important. You’re thinking, well, you’ve been doing this for nearly five damn years. Why aren’t you out of debt yet?  Well, let’s look at this month’s numbers before exploring what is going on with me.

So, how am I doing? It’s not so bad this month since my debt repayment is picking up a bit of steam as my new business is beginning to pay off just a little. I took my first pay distribution (a whopping $200) recently. But, I’ve broken even now and as we approach the Christmas season, this should continue to pay off.

You care about the numbers, so here they are.

October 2013 Debt - debt


October 2013 debt - debt

I added commentary to this month’s graph and extended it back over two years to show the major incidents that have contributed to my debt over the past few years. This, my friends, is why my debt isn’t nearing ZERO.

In the past two years I have purchased two rental homes (am I nuts?!) and then a new car after a careless teenager who was texting and driving totaled my car. I had planned on purchasing the homes, but I had definitely not planned on buying the car.  Shit happens. You pick up and move on.

I did want to point out that in just the past year alone I have repaid more than $23,000. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, I have done this while being unemployed since March. The majority of my income flows from my rental homes and this blog. Weird, huh?  That’s why I always advocated having a Plan B  since you never know what might happen with your job. Maybe the government will shut down and you won’t be getting a paycheck anytime soon? If you read that Plan B article that I wrote all the way back in 2011, you’ll see that I took my own advice to the letter! Bonus points to anyone who can correctly guess the number of different “side hustles” mentioned in this post.

Oh, and for those of you thinking that you can’t repay debt while unemployed, I am living proof that you can do so.  This year I will earn the lowest that I have since before graduating college but I have STILL managed to repay a really decent amount of debt. What’s your excuse?

The other part of this monthly roundup is how much money I’m making online…or actually, through my blogs. I won’t share my small business income here because, well, it’s not relevant. Plus, I like being consistent.

Online Income

Google Adsense My Tenant From Hell: $0.04
Google Adsense Shirataki Noodles: $0.17
Google Adsense YIAC: $137.14
Google Adsense Niche Site: $252.50
Private Ads: $865.00
Ad network #1: $108.00
Total: $1,362.85

Kaching!  I’m back to being above $1,000 in combined income on the blogs. I actually have a few payments pending, but I don’t count earnings until I’ve been paid for then – with the exception of Google Adsense. Maybe next month’s earnings will surpass this?

Speaking of earnings, I’m finally getting a hang of running the small business, running this blog and taking care of my household. It’s that whole work/life balance everyone talks about. Frankly, I get to bed at about 3am these days, but that’s a marked improvement from 6am. I’m shooting for about 1am. Anyone who tells you that you can launch a business and work for yourself and do it with just 8 hours a day, I’d like to silently call bullshit. I’d love a 4 hour work week, but that is not happening any time soon.

Work. Yes. That thing. I started job hunting after Labor Day. I quickly received 3 job offers within 3 weeks and I just as quickly turned them all down. I’ll talk about that in another post some time this month because I asked around and have found others having the same issues with new job offers that I have had.  I’ve suspended my job search until after I return from the Financial Blogger Conference later this month.

Just in case you think that I’m just sitting on my ass doing nothing, you’re wrong. I’m launching blog services Hire Me Dammit!later this month. Each section WILL be clickable when it’s fully launched. It’s coming people, it’s coming.  Here’s a sneak peak with that infographic thing to the left (click to enlaBest Debt Blog Finalistrge). I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Thank you Miranda and Marissa for your help and feedback while I was working on it.

I asked you guys to nominate this blog as the best debt blog for an industry award and you did! For a record three times, this blog is a finalist in that category.  Thank you all so much for continuing to support the blog. Maybe this is the year that we win? Either way, thank you.

Finally, I redesigned the blog a little bit. Did you notice it? I might change it again because I am not loving how everything looks squished. I know, it’s a First World Problem.

How was your month? Do you think that you could repay $23,000 while unemployed? Weigh in!

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