October 1 Check In

I finally made it through the end of October and I think it’s probably been the most difficult one yet. But we’ll get to that soon enough. Let’s see how I did in September.

September 1, 2010
Student Loan #1 $695.31 @2.47%
Credit Card #1 $938.73 @13.99%
Credit Card #2 $0 @14.24%
Credit Card #3 $3,221.59 @0%
HELOC $41,974.38 @3.125%
Student Loan #2 $37,678.40 @3.3-7.5%
The bed $699.00 @0%
Personal Loan $0
Car Note $0
Total: $85,207.41

October 1, 2010
Student Loan #1 $596.57 @2.47%
Credit Card #1 $723.77 @13.99%
Credit Card #2 $0 @14.24%October 1 Check In
Credit Card #3 $4,009.94 @0%
HELOC $41,936.12 @3.125%
Student Loan #2 $$37,592.68 @3.3-7.5%
The bed $599.00 @0%
Personal Loan $0
Car Note $0
Total: $85,458.08

My balance went up this month for the first time.  Lots of things going on here.  The biggest thing was that my bank account were emptied by the state.  You might have read that in my previous post.  That kept me from making payments that I would have made.  I also went ahead and had some work done on the car that had to get done.  My check engine light was on and had progressed to blinking.  That cost a couple hundred dollars.   About $600 of my credit card balance is from a major shopping trip that I did at the Estee Lauder company store to get some thing to sell on eBay.  I’ve already sold some things at a decent profit and plan to make some more money.

To be quite honest, if I hadn’t sold those products I would have had no money at all after the government drained my account.   So that accounted for the crazy raise in my debt level.  Time to review how much money I’ve made on the internet.

Internet Income in September
Google Adsense              $0.51
Sponsored Tweets          $0.12 ($0.64 total)
Commission Junction   $0
Cash Crate                          $0
eHow                                    $0.82
Total:                                 $1.45

A whopping total to be sure!  Again, I didn’t really do anything to earn the money, so who knows how much I could have earned.  Now that I’m poor and broke I might have to do some more work to make money.  Who said that blogging doesn’t make you millions! HA.

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7 thoughts on “October 1 Check In

    • They’ll sign up for things…as long as it’s free. Sigh. I’m hoping an advertiser will come along and sweep me off my feet. I get requests for Forex ads, but I don’t think they’re a good match for my blog. I don’t want to endorse something I don’t believe in. Maybe my bar is too high?

  • Look forward to next month being better! It really stinks that the state cleared out your bank accounts. Is this issue resolved now? Are you free and clear of their lien? If so, then maybe it’s a good thing that it’s finally over. Hopefully you can focus on paying off your debt and now have to worry about unknown bills and debts. Good luck!

  • Once you become a full-fledged Yakezie Member, I hope to be able to help you on your online income initiatives! Just keep on focusing on improving your blog, and there will be a lot of opportunities in the future!

    • Thank you Sam. I’m all about improving. The first step was to move to WordPress, which I find incredibly user friendly. Any suggestions are always appreciated. The income portion I wanted to share with my readers in case they thing that I’m going to retire from blogging. 🙂

  • Good luck with the debt. I just joined the Yakezie challenge and subscribed to your blog. I see that you made a lot of progress since you started your blog, keep working on it!

    • Thank you for the words of encouragement. Is there hope for me yet? I’m 32. Can I make it to 40 and retire. It might be too late for me.

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