Yakezie Bar Room Battle Royale

Financial Samurai has a challenge to improve the Alexa search ranking of the best personal finance blogs on the internet by helping to promote each other. Alexa is the Nielson ratings of the internet. When I joined the Yakezie challenge on April 19, I was ranked #2,885,904 overall on the internet and #927,455 in the U.S. As of today I’m ranked number #822,544 on Alexa and #125,375 in the U.S. It’s an awesome improvement and I’m very proud of my ranking. I had my eye on getting close to the Financially Poor blog (currently #843,348, and #130,034 in the U.S.) and I surpassed them this week. Of course, I couldn’t help a little bit of rubbing it in, so I tossed down the gauntlet in the comments section of his blog. I challenged him to a showdown to see who would have the highest rank on July 4th and he accepted. Would you like to help me win?

You can help me improve my ranking by downloading the Alexa toolbar and coming back to my site often. I will be adding more content over the next few weeks and browsing around the pages also helps my search standing. If you have a boxing - Yakezie Bar Room Battle Royaleblog, please link to me and I will happy link to you as well. I have a running blogroll of the Yakezie members to the right and will update it often. You can also help me improve my rankings by linking to any of my blog posts from your social networks or by hitting any of the social media buttons on the bottom of any post.

Ladies, the guys are beating the pants off of us. We can’t let them win can we? So, in the name of proving how powerful we can be, I think that we should help me win, don’t you? Game on.

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6 thoughts on “Yakezie Bar Room Battle Royale

  • May’s here so it’s time to see how I’m doing financially. Progress is slow, but steady. April 1, 2010 Student Loan #1 $1,533.05 @4.5% Credit Card #1 $756.01 @13.99% Credit Card #2 $3,659.73 @13.99% HELOC $44,117.44 @3.125% Student Loan #2 $38,066

  • I love the Mastercard “priceless” commercials. The one with the kids dancing happen to be my favorite. Not just because the kids had rhythm, but really, who doesn’t want the funk? I love that Mastercard knows when to put a price on something and when s

  • I had a conversation with my brother the other day that inspired this post. We were talking about my mother’s crazy assertions that I somehow have a bunch of money secretly stashed somewhere since I was able to purchase the investment property with 100

  • Nice overview. I would point out that other things being equal try to own bonds, cds etc. (assets that pay interest) in your qualified accounts -401(k), 403 (b) etc.
    This will avoid the tax on the interest you earn each year. You won’t be taxed until you tap your retirement funds.

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