Tenant From Hell Threatens Me

I know that I haven’t updated you on my entire weekend with my tenant from hell, but I promise you that a long and detailed post on it is coming up. I just couldn’t pass this one up. Today is June 30 and I came in to my office to a voicemail from my tenant […]

Tenant Update

If you’re looking for a juicy update on my tenant, then you need to head over to and check out today’s story. I need your feedback!


Losing My Tenant From Hell

I have purposely not updated you on my dealing with my tenant because I knew that this day would come. My tenant from hell is leaving my house. Let the celebrations begin! Usually I give you the long version of my dealing with my tenant, but this time I figured that I would give you […]


Tenant from Hell: Did She Pay?

Welcome to the soap opera post. Regular readers, you know what that means; it’s tenant from hell time! Yaaaay. Okay, yesterday was the first of the month. In homes all over the land, the rent was due and most people paid their rent on time. But we’re not dealing with most people here. We are […]


Tenant From Hell Round 4?

It’s been a while since I updated you on my tenant from hell.  First, I have to say, thanks for following this saga.  From the outside looking in, I know that it sort of looks like a soap opera, and some of you now know the story better than I do myself.  If you don’t, […]

investment property

Dealing with My Tenant from Hell

I became a landlord (landlady?) on April 7, 2010 when I purchased an investment property with a tenant in it.  The property was purchased from a friend and he assured me that she was a wonderful tenant.  Better yet, her rent was always on time.  Since my tenant has terminal cancer, a government funded program […]