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Tips for Paying Off 2018 Holiday Debt

If you’re not paying pay cash during the past Christmas season, your credit card bills from the 2018 holiday season will start hitting you mailbox in January. Are you ready to feel the pinch from buying grandma that must have sweater for Christmas? According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales is expected to increase[…]

how i repaid $50,000

6 Months Unemployed + 9 Month Temp Job = $50,000+ Debt Slayed In Less Than 2 Years

Get a comfy chair.  You’re going to be here for a while. Pressed for time? Just get a secret link to download this entire thing plus four additional pages of information when you subscribe. You can read at your leisure. Yesterday after paying down one bill I crunched the numbers and realized that since January[…]

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How to Clear your Debts with a Secured Loan

Getting the money together to clear your debts can be difficult and you may not know where to turn, but with the right knowledge you can get a loan which will allow you to clear your debts and then pay back over a schedule that you will be able to afford. Anytime that you need to borrow money the worst place to turn would be your friends or family, as borrowing large sums can really damage relationships and unfortunately they may never be the same again. It will change the dynamic of the relationship and may come to the point where you feel awkward around them, and this is why this is not a good path to go down. […]

erase-debt - credit cards - Tips for Paying Off 2015 Holiday Debt

The Consequences of Too Much Debt

It’s important to remember that not all debt is bad and that most people owe at least one creditor. Maybe you took out a student loan to attend college, or perhaps you financed a car or house. In these situations, getting a loan is practically the only way to get what you need – and some experts view these as “good debt.”

But although there are “good” and “bad” debts, owing a lot can have costly consequences. Rather than thinking of debt as simply the American way, make sure you fully understand the costs of carrying a balance.  […]

zombie debt

Don’t Turn Old Bills Into Zombie Debt

The zombie apocalypse is real, and it’s eating your money. Well, it’s trying to anyway, and you might unknowingly be helping them.

If you’ve every received a phone call or letter in the mail demanding payment for a debt that is years old, you might have unfortunately have zombies knocking at your door. Some debt collectors have a way of resurrecting debt that is so old that is might actually be outside of the statutes of limitations for collection. We call that zombie debt.

Altering Your Behavior to Eliminate Debt

Altering Your Behavior to Eliminate Debt

Many people have to hit rock bottom before they ever turn the corner in their own lives and start making real changes. You might find yourself sitting in a jail cell, in a mountain of debt, and not sure how you’re going to make the rent payment. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t completely turn things around and start making the right decisions in life. But you have to take things step by step.

First step is simple: appraise your situation. As long as you are under a mountain of debt, it’s going to be very difficult to have control of your life. While circumstances outside of your control can help contribute to debt, your mindset and personal decisions are the most important factors. Here are a few things to consider about changing your habits and your financial life.