Beyond The Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge: Eating Healthy And Cheap In The Long Term

Beyond The Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge: Eating Healthy And Cheap In The Long Term

This is a guest post by Forest from Frugal Zeitgeist. Forest has been eating on a budget for some time now and has learned to cook over years of trial and error.

Sandy recently posted about the SNAP Challenge that has been laid down by The Food Bank of New York. New York is not a cheap place to live but for 1.8 million of it’s residents Food Stamps are a real life-line. The challenge to live like this, on just $1.48 per meal, for a week has seen celebrities such as chef Mario Batali join to rally for awareness. […]

Feed Family of Four for $10

This is another installation of the feed family of four for under $10. This week we’re doing stuffed peppers. Everyone in the world has a recipe and you can do all these things a million different ways so feel free to do it your own way. peppers - Feed Family

Stuffed Peppers
Brown Rice $1.50
6 Red Peppers @0.99/lb $3.25
1/2 pound ground Sirloin $1.75
Half Can of Chunky Veg Tomato Sauce $0.50
Italian Seasoning Mix $0.20
Small Onion $0.25
Garlic Clove $0.10
Grated Cheese $1.00
Lettuce chopped $1.00
Oil & Vinegar Dressing: $.35
Total: $9.90

I browned the ground beef along with the onion. Tossed in the garlic, seasoning, sauce and cooked brown rice. Makes a soggy price and beef mix. Stuffed them into peppers that had been cored and duked into boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes. Added a small sprinkle of cheese to the top. Put the tops back on and placed them in a glass baking dish. Added a small amount of water to the pan to keep from scorching and put foil over the top. Baked the peppers at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes and viola! Stuffed peppers! I added the chopped lettuce with oil & vinegar to the side and that was dinner. Healthy, fast and cheap. One of us had 2 peppers but that can be forgiven.


Feed Family of Four for $10

chili - Feed FamilyI couldn’t resist making this post. I know that we’re all pinching pennies and one of the ways that I found to save money is on food. So I have to feed a family of four every day and I’ve gotten pretty decent on figuring out how to do that on less than $10 (and I’m talking dinner). I’ve brought my lunch down to about $2 but that’s another post. So my general idea of dinner is a starch, a meat product and a vegetable. Hey, that covers the food groups. Anything more than that and they are on their own. I’ll give you one example today along with prices. So let’s get to it!

Kidney or black beans in a bag $0.89
Small can of tomato sauce $1.39
Ground beef or chicken or turkey $4.50
Onions $0.25
Garlic $0.10
Chili powder and spices $0.50
Rice $2.00
Total: $9.63

Cheese optional
Sour cream optional