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College Degrees Are Sometimes Bullshit

I’m going off the reservation again.  This is all stream of consciousness, so, I’m apologizing up front.

The other half and I got into a discussion the other day about college degrees.  My contention was that college is not for everyone, and for many people it will just be a waste of time.  He thought that I was being disingenuous because I hold two degrees and fully expect my younger sister to attend college, yet I deigned to say that everyone shouldn’t attend college.  We won’t see eye-to-eye on this subject but, I thought that it was a good idea to flesh out this thought online. […]

Random Acts of Kindness Weekend Challenge

Random Acts of Kindness Weekend Challenge

No personal finance today, just one of those random things that I like to do.  Have you heard about the awesome New York City cop who bought shoes for a homeless man with money out of his own pocket and unbeknownst to him had a photo of the event snapped and shared with the entire world? No? Well here’s a news real of his very selfless act.


Nice, huh? Well, it got me thinking about random acts of kindness and how we can all make the world a little with just one tiny act at a time.  It doesn’t have to cost $75 to mean something to someone.

I'm Anti Black Friday This Year

I’m Anti Black Friday This Year

I had the pleasure of walking through Walmart the other day.  I don’t really shop at Walmart.  I just slip in through a back entrance that is seldom used that spits me out right next to the pharmacy counter where I can pick up medication for my better half and slip right back out.  I effectively get to avoid the masses shopping at Walmart.  It’s a great system, except for the times when that back door is locked.  Such was the case on Monday.

I had to walk through the front doors, push my way through the crowds to get to the sanctuary of the pharmacy area and do the same to get out.  On my fantastic voyage, I noticed all of the STUFF that Walmart sells that apparently someone was buying.  In New York we call them tchotchke.  For the lazy, let me get the definition from our Urban Dictionary: “A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose… If you are having trouble identifying tchotchke just look around your house or someone else’s and whatever you see that a burglar wouldn’t steal.[…]

I'm Growing Food In My City Back Yard With Aquaponics

I’m Growing Food In My City Back Yard With Aquaponics

This post has been months in the making.  I have literally been thinking about this post for about four months now, and it’s all finally matured to the point where I can share everything with you.  I’m growing food including edible fish in a greenhouse in my back yard using a system called aquaponics.  Yes, I live on a small plot of land in New York City, and if you have even the tiniest bit of room in a spit of an apartment, you can do something like this too.

First, a disclaimer.  I am a science geek and love these kinds of experiments. I also like gardening as long as I can get the dirt from under my fingernails.  So, I combined my love of experimenting with my love of gardening to complete this project.  Oh, and I have that biology degree hanging on my mom’s wall.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s worth sharing.  It’s time for a science class kids! […]

Why Bother Learning Another Language?

Why Bother Learning Another Language?

Sometimes, in life, you’re forced to learn things you might not have expected. Maybe you’ll be offered a promotion at work, but only if you learn some skill you previously thought was silly. Maybe you’ll be at school somewhere, and suddenly discover an enjoyable (and lucrative) career plan is just a few skills/classes away. Or maybe you just want to learn poetry so you can impress some hot girl with how sensitive you are. Whatever, I’m not here to judge.

At some point though, education becomes an investment that just isn’t worth the return. In fact, this blogger would argue that most of the time it comes up short, since people are a little too quick to deem something being worth the cost just because you learned something from it. Writing something off as educational has psychological value, but little practical value. How often have you chalked something up to a learning experience? […]

It's Not Christmas!

It’s Not Christmas!

No, it’s not another rant, but this is still September and I see Christmas things everywhere. Retailers: it’s not Christmas! It’s not even November!

When I was a kid, the end of the year brought three very different and distinct events in this order: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These days we barely see anything related to Halloween except candy, Thanksgiving is used only to sell us premade gravy, but Christmas has overshadowed everything and now dominates the season.

Funny Search Terms Coming From Google

Funny Search Terms Coming From Google

I get quite a bit of traffic coming from Google.  I’m always curious about how people find my site so I occasionally check what search terms people use to get here.  Some of the terms are quite funny.  While you’re having a lazy Sunday and I’m busy ripping up carpets and putting down new floors in my house why don’t you have some fun with some of these funny search terms? […]