Funny Search Terms Coming From Google

I get quite a bit of traffic coming from Google.  I’m always curious about how people find my site so I occasionally check what search terms people use to get here.  Some of the terms are quite funny.  While you’re having a lazy Sunday and I’m busy ripping up carpets and putting down new floors in my house why don’t you have some fun with some of these funny search terms?  My comments are all in italics.

  1. “I received a court order for money not payed back after 5 years I what to do”. Pay it.  Trust me.  They get you every time.
  2. “I can’t believe that I am still unemployed.”  Neither can I.  It’s the government’s fault. Ask for  a bailout.
  3. “Why am I not finding a job.” Because #2 up there is looking and probably taking your spot.
  4. “Am I cheap?”  Yes, yes you are.  And so am I.  Welcome.
  5. “How to shop with coupons and not spend money.”  Ask Winona Ryder and Lindsay Lohan.
  6. “תמונות של חייל מצדיע ” Shalom? 
  7. “Should I pay my mortgage off if I win the lottery.”  No.  You should give me the winning ticket and continue to pay your mortgage.
  8. “Kitchen faucets starting at $30 dollars that lights up.” When you find it let me know.  I need a well-lit faucet.
  9. “How to hack a food stamp card.”  I’m not even touching this one. But there is a guy that won the lottery and he’s still getting food stamps.  He’s getting his bailout I guess.
  10. “Alternative careers for laid off investment bankers.”  Whatever requires slithering.
  11. “Deadbeat renters suck ass.”  No complaints from me.
  12. “How much money can i make from 100,000 twitter followers?” I don’t know but whatever you do, click on my affiliate link for Sponsored Tweets.
  13. “Why doesnt jk rowling like ebooks.”  She’s about to love them since she’ll be selling them on her own website.

Time to get back to ripping out the carpets. I hope that you’re having an awesome day!


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