I paid off a $50,000 debt in less than 2 years.

About Sandy

I started 2009 with a $130K debt
You can do this! I can help.

Hi, I'm Sandy.

Way back when the dinosaurs roamed at the end of 2008, I started paying a little bit more attention to my debt. As the year faded into 2009, the idea to build a website to keep myself accountable to eliminating my debt burst into my mind. I hopped onto Blogger.com and created a blog that I named My Cheapass Blog. I really didn't begin my blog for anyone else to see; it was just a way for me to have the total amount that I owed at my fingertips. Here we are years later and have learned enough to help others with their own debt.

I started this blog with well over $105,665.31 in debt after a failed business and some massive student loans...at least, that's what I said that I owed. In actuality I owed a friend another $5,000 and I would receive a notice in the mail that I owed $10,000 in back taxes and penalties. This blog has been a chronicle of my journey of getting out of it without filing bankruptcy.

My $120,665.31 debt represented everything that I had done wrong. Now, I am here to help YOU get your finances together.

  • $120,665.31.

    my original debt

  • $50,000

    the amount that I repaid in 2 years

  • $25,000

    the amount my income increased in 3 years

  • Priceless

    knowing that I help others

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