5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

Lowering your car insurance premium is a quick and easy way to save money. It will take you about five minutes to get multiple quotes from a variety of insurance companies. You can then decide for yourself who you want to go with. How do you go about lowering your auto insurance premium?

Only Get Liability Coverage

Collision and comprehensive insurance add money to your premium. Get rid of the extra coverage if you don’t plan on using it. In other words, drop the coverage if you would get rid of the car if it were damaged. Older cars generally don’t require this extra coverage.

Increase Your Auto Insurance Deductible 

Raising your deductible is a great way to easily lower your premium. Your premium is lowered because you assume more of the financial burden in the event of an accident. Only raise your premium to a level that you are comfortable with.

Move To A Rural Area 

Those who live in the country generally pay less than those who live in the city. Those wide open spaces reduce your chances of an accident or other damage to your car. This could be a good tiebreaker if you need a reason to move to the country as opposed to staying in the city.

lower car insurance

Improve Your Credit Score As Much As Possible


You might think your ability to pay off your credit card has no bearing on your ability to drive a car. However, those who have a lower credit score are seen as risky and irresponsible. Counter this assumption by making sure your bills are paid on time each month. This will make it easier to get a lower rate on your car insurance policy.

Opt For A Discount Insurance Provider 

You can visit an online broker that offers discounted car insurance to find companies that aren’t as concerned with your credit score or other bad driving habits. You might be able to find a policy that gives you an affordable rate. The only downside is that you risk having a lower level of customer service. The claims department may be nothing more than an answering service in an empty building.

Saving money on your car insurance policy is fairly easy. Get quotes within minutes when you go online to compare rates. Improving your credit score and dropping unneeded coverage can help as well. Consult with an insurance agent if you have any concerns about your current policy.

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

  • Why am I always the first? LOL- Progressive is also great. Why? Well, they have this new program that access your good/bad driving habits. Its called Snapshot. The first 30 days is 10% then over 3 months its 30%. That’s a BIG savings. Another thing is get 6 moths coverage at a time. why? Well, that means if you get progressive, than six months later State Farm decrease their payments then you can just switch over. And back and forth. I change insurance companies like i change underwear. I go with whom ever is the cheapest. There has been a few times when I tell Progressive I am leaving to go to another insurance company they give me a discount!!! Anywhere form 15-25% if I stay. So I stay. Are you a good student B+ average or more? -There is a discount for that. Military? First time parents? First car? There is even a 5% dicount if you “like” them on Facebook. And so on. There are tons of discounts. I am 23 years old, live in New York City and I pay $89.65 a month for car insurance. Yes, That’s right… if you are smart you can do it.

  • There are a number of ways in which you can lower your car insurance premiums, many of which you have already mentioned. Lowering the amount of miles you drive per year is another- some say 5000 miles a year is the optimum amount, after all the less you drive the less risk of crashing there is!

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