What’s Your Couponing Style & Free Membership

I might not be a fan of extreme couponing, but clipping coupons can be an effective way of lowering your overall grocery bill. I just don’t believe in spending hours each week clipping coupons for things that I might not use. Instead I go to coupons.com once each week and print the coupons that I need. Easy and simple.

Today, for their birthday, the folks from coupons.com are giving away a year’s membership to their savings club, a $30 value, for free!  This will give you access to high value coupons not regularly offered on their site to the general public.

Just sign up using this link and enter the promo code BIRTHDAY when checking out.

Note: You will be asked for your credit card number since this is set to auto-renew, but they send you plenty of e-mails ahead of time so that you can cancel. […]

4th Annual Earth Day Is My Birthday Giveaway

4th Annual Earth Day Is My Birthday Giveaway

I have the distinct honor of sharing my birthday with Earth Day on April 22. For the past three years, I’ve celebrated by giving away cash and featuring articles with a “green” theme all Earth Week. I’m continuing the tradition this year as well by giving you a chance to win up t0 $105 without jumping through hoops.

It’s pretty simple! I’m randomly giving $50 to one confirmed e-mail subscriber to this blog, so sign up below!

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After coming up with the idea for this blog

Yes, I Am Cheap Third Blogiversary Giveaway

It was three years ago on January 4 in a period of desperation that I registered for the domain and built the site that would become this blog. After coming up with the idea for this blog, I sat on it for a bit before actually writing anything. I didn’t know what I was doing and I started to question whether I wanted to share my financial crisis with the entire world.

I thought that maybe one or two people might stumble into my blog and possibly leave a message or two or word of encouragement. Never did I think that the blog would evolve to welcome tens of thousands of you every month, or that I would learn and share so much about money and finances.  So, I am celebrating my third anniversary this month, and I’m doing it with you and some friends. In the true nature of giving, I and some blogging buddies have decided to reward YOU for following along, and we’re giving you a few chances to win some fabulous CASH and prizes. […]

2011 Earth Day Freebies

2011 Earth Day Freebies!

It’s Earth Day and if you trip out of your door today you will fall into a freebie. Since I take this day off from work every year, it is my duty to share these freebies with you and go pick some of for myself…along with some birthday freebies as well.  A double ka-ching for me.  So as I’m eating birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, why don’t you go out and rack up these FREE things all over the place? […]

Free Premium Federal Tax Filing From H&R Block

Today is January 31 and it’s the last day for your employer to prepare and mail out your W-2.  I know that many of you dread tax season, but frankly, I love it.  The government forces me to review how much money I’ve made over the past year, how much I paid out in taxes and even better, how much, if anything, they owe me.  This year will be my most complicated tax return year.  I am claiming income from my job, this blog, my business, and the investment property.  Yikes!  This won’t be fun and I’m not looking forward to it, but H&R Block has just stepped in to make my life and yours a little easier. […]