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Help A Reader: I’ve Got Serious Student Loans

I’ve been stuck, seriously stuck with the worst case of writer’s block. I could not get one word on a page…that is until I received an e-mail from Terri.  Here goes!

Hi there! Your story is inspiring and I could use some practical, objective advice. I will give you the outline version of my situation.

– Graduated from college with $90k in student loan debt *anxiety strikes just from typing that number*
– That is for both undergrad and grad school
– Employed full-time but only making $19/hr
– No credit card debt (thankfully)
– Car is paid off. Nothing too fancy, a dependable 2005 Jeep
– No outstanding medical debt
– I definitely do not live beyond my means. Cook dinner at home 90% of the time, no fancy vacations or shopping sprees

I’m actually quite sensible with my money but the student loans are overwhelming! With my current salary, I am only making enough to pay bills and meet living expenses. I’ve been looking diligently for a better job but that hasn’t happened yet. I know my earning potential is great, but right now I feel stuck.

Advice, please!!! Thank you in advance.

I loveeeee some reader advice. It makes the writing juices flow. Here goes my advice.


dont believe the debt hype

Don’t Believe The Debt Hype

First, it’s about two o’clock in the morning and I’ve been struck by lightening.  At this time in the morning I have very little filter left and the part of my brain that usually censors what I say is drifting to sleep.  This is my way of apologizing up front.  I’m going to stand by whatever I write after this paragraph, but if you’re sensitive and if you’re a blogger, you might need to turn away.

I’m a debt and frugality blogger.  I hate to put myself into a box, but, it’s what I do and have been doing for nearly five years.  At this point I have seen just about everything related to debt.  I also read quite a lot. In fact, I might read too much because I sometimes suffer from analysis paralysis. […]


In Dire Straits Do I Raid the 401K?

Okay guys, this is a help-a-reader request.  As always, when we do this, please be gentle.  This is a real person with a real problem.  They would like your help and input into their situation.  Names are changed to protect the debt-laden but the e-mail and story is very real.  Please do not comment if you can not give constructive advice.  Let’s hear “Amy’s” story. Here goes.

 I came across your financial blog while Googling something weird (don’t ask) and I’m fortunate I did because I need a normal, financially savvy person’s suggestion on what I might do about my 401K.
save and make money to get out of the debt

Help! I Need Money

A comment was left of my post entitled If I Had A Million Dollars by Darcey on August 31 that inspired this post. I decided to turn her comment into a reader advice so chime in if you want to.

Darcey wrote: “Hi Sandy. I am sure you get this all the time. But I am a struggling mother or 4 with debt coming out of my ears. My husband is a small town police officer and I work part time medical billing. I am begging you for $$. […]

which way - Reader Advice: Pia 401K or Debt?

Reader Advice: Pia 401K or Debt?

Free Money Finance has a fabulous help a reader section where he posts questions that his readers has asked him and allows his reading audience to weight in. When Pia left a detailed comment on a post and wanted some advice on what to do with her financial situation, I thought, why not open it up to everyone since lots of people have money problems? Pia agreed, and below is her story. Be nice and civil everyone. Remember, this is a real person with a real problem in real life.