Finance 101: How To Open A Checking Account When You Are In ChexSystems

Finance 101: How To Open A Checking Account When You Are In ChexSystems

In life, when you are hitting an unseen obstacle as you try to reach your goals, it can be a very frustrating feeling. After all, life’s challenges are much easier to take on when you fully understand what you are up against. That is why people who have been rejected time and again for a[…]

National Payday - Cash Advance

Finance 101: Basics of Cash Advance and Payday Loans

It’s no secret that the American banking industry has undergone major challenges and transformations over the past two years. Institutions have closed ranks and have reduced the amount of money available to borrowers. This includes everything from declining to offer certain types of consumer loans to reducing the credit limits of millions of borrowers. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the total lending funds available to consumers fell to $433 billion in 2010, “down 51% from $887 billion in 2007”. Borrowers that make up the low end of the credit community have virtually been left with no recourse for fulfilling their short term lending needs. In stepped cash advance and payday loan establishments. […]

Finance 101: How To Avoid Bad Tenants

Finance 101: How To Avoid Bad Tenants

Until the collapse of the mortgage industry under the weight of fraud, real estate had traditionally been viewed as a safe investment vehicle. Skyrocketing prices at the height of the real estate bubble brought many buyers into real estate that were enticed by the idea that they could make money from their investments. While property prices have fallen nationwide, some savvy investors are holding on to their property and renting to tenants.

Dealing with tenants if you are not a real estate professional can be very difficult as I have documented with my tenant from hell stories. The easiest way to lose your investment in real estate is to be a lax landlord and let bad tenants run roughshod over you.  Hopefully, with this handy guide, you won’t have too much trouble when  you run into a bad tenant. […]

Finance 101: Introduction to Bond Lesson 1

Finance 101: Introduction to Bonds Lesson 1

All of my life I’ve heard about diversifying your assets by having stocks and bonds. I kind of know what a stock is but the other day I wondered, just what’s a bond, and why would I want one? If you have the same questions then stay tuned for the latest installment of my basic finance course: Finance 101.

I actually own some bonds as part of my investment strategy. My last employer offered employees the ability to purchase bonds automatically through a direct payroll deduction on a monthly basis. I figured, hey, why not and allocated $100 each month for about 6 months towards bonds. They were mailed directly to my mom, and I promptly forgot about them until I bumped into an old pay stub last week. I began to wonder, just what the heck did I purchase anyway? Let’s begin with definitions. According to, a bond is “simply an ‘IOU’ in which an investor agrees to loan money to a company or government in exchange for a predetermined interest rate.” Great! So who’s the investor? Well, in this case that would be me or whoever purchased bonds. Sweet! I’m an investor. Now, how do I make money from this? This is where it gets interesting. It all depends on what types on bonds you’ve purchased. […]