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Should Rich People Tip More?

Because apparently every post I do for this website involves sports [Editor’s Note: No, you wrote one about Las Vegas…which involved sports.], let’s talk about a baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays, Melky Cabrera. Baseball fans will remember Cabrera as the guy who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs during the middle of the 2012 season, netting him a 50 game suspension. This suspension ended Cabrera’s season, and made him ineligible for the batting title, a race he led up until his suspension. Although he was a risky signing, the Toronto Blue Jays took a chance on Cabrera last offseason, signing him to a two year, $16 million contract. […]

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Saving Money on Sports Tickets

As I type this, I’m watching the Miami Heat play the Indiana Pacers in some exciting game 7 basketball. It’s a tied game, but it’s still early. Honestly, it hasn’t been the greatest basketball game so far. The Pacers are turning the ball over a ton, and the Heat’s shooting is colder than the outside of Santa’s workshop during January. But that’s okay, because it’s game 7, and pretty much nothing beats game 7.

If you’re anything like me, you watch a ton of sports. If it wasn’t for sports, I think I could pretty easily ditch my satellite TV for good, since I could just easily get DVDs of whole seasons of my favorite shows from the library. Or I could even watch them on my laptop, even though watching TV on a 14 inch screen isn’t exactly my optimal viewing experience. I finally upgraded to a 21st century TV a few months ago, so I’ve gotta get my money’s worth. […]

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Want a Potential 36% Return? Read On

We all like investing, right?

Sandy is investing her face off, buying rental properties faster than most of you buy underwear. Other people are buying the usual – stocks and bonds – usually within their 401k or Roth IRAs. And still others are investing in more non-conventional assets, like peer to peer lending or commodities or whatever else it is you kids spend your money on. Alas, buying 100 cheeseburgers is not a good investment, even though everyone likes cheeseburgers. […]

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Saving Money In Las Vegas

Because I come from cold, cold, Canada, I like to go down somewhere at least once a winter that’s warm. From Alberta, the cheapest way to do this is flying down to Las Vegas, which is just a short 3 hour flight. Sin City obviously features all the glittering casinos, but they’ve diversified their offerings to appeal to the non-gambler as well. The buffets are legendary, the shows feature familiar names, and each different casino has a somewhat unique idea of what will attract visitors. Vegas still offers plenty of adult entertainment, but it’s very possible to have a good time without breaking the bank at a gambling table.

Considering how I just came back from a trip there, I figured I’d give you guys some tips on how to save money on your next trip. I’d recommend not using your savings to increase your gambling budget, since gambling is for suckers. Which brings me to tip number 1:

Don’t Gamble […]

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The 7 Best Jobs

A couple of weeks ago, I gave your brain and eyeballs the reading of the century millennium, as I treated you all to my list of the 7 worst jobs of all time. It was pretty awesome, and we all wept openly for those suckers who have to spend all day doing those crummy jobs. I’d give you hugs and all, but I’m kind of scared of human contact.

This post will be a little more positive, as we count down the 7 best jobs. While I’m not recommending you quit your job right now to do one of these careers, I’d at least think about it. Especially if you’re a teacher. Or if you work at the DMV. Yeah, I’m not sure why that wasn’t on the original list. Let’s do it. […]

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The 7 Worst Jobs

Some of you reading this have jobs that are awesome. Maybe you’re a bikini inspector, or maybe a taster of delicious desserts. Or maybe you’re a tester of comfortable mattresses. Those are pretty good jobs. So is being Taylor Swift’s bodyguard, at least in my mind. And hey, who wouldn’t want to a professional beer drinker?

Wait. I am being told none of these jobs actually exist.

Most of us have jobs that are more normal. We’re accountants or nurses, or a million other regular jobs. Most of these jobs are pretty good. Some though, are terrible. Like really terrible. I’m impressed those of you who do them for a living get through a day without punching yourselves in the face. Let’s look at the 7 that are the worst of the worst. […]

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You Do Not Have An Earning Problem. You Have A Spending Problem

Let me begin this blog post with a story about a friend of mine. For privacy’s sake, let’s call him M. Savard. No, wait, that would be too revealing. Let’s go with Mark S.

Mark recently got a promotion at work. Before taxes, he’s making about $10,000 more than before. Mark was thrilled. Not only did his boss recognize all his hard work, but this raise was going to be the impetus he and his sweetie needed to finally lick those pesky credit card debts. They diligently funneled most of Mark’s raise towards paying debt for the first couple of months, soon enough they’d have the debt kicked to the curb. But then, stuff started to happen.

Mark and his wife decided they were going to get a dog. And then a second dog. They love animals, see, and they can afford to take care of them now. Total costs for both exceed $100. […]

Stop Paying So Much For Quality

Stop Paying So Much For Quality

I’m currently typing this post on the cheapest laptop I could find back in 2009. It was $449, and came with decent specs, the only thing I really sacrificed is my screen is only 14 inches, while the standard screen is 15 or 17 inches. It’s a good machine, it’s served me well over the years, even after I’ve filled it up all all sorts of junk and pictures of scantily clad ladies. Sorry about that, old girl.

Let’s take a look at what it would cost for me to replace this current laptop, since I’ll probably feel forced to do it at some point next year. I live up in cold, cold, Canada (so cold) so laptops are a little pricier up here. I just took 5 minutes and looked online, and I found a Lenovo laptop for $370. Future Shop (one of Canada’s leading electronics chains) will even ship it to me for free. That’s a decent price. […]

Why Bother Learning Another Language?

Why Bother Learning Another Language?

Sometimes, in life, you’re forced to learn things you might not have expected. Maybe you’ll be offered a promotion at work, but only if you learn some skill you previously thought was silly. Maybe you’ll be at school somewhere, and suddenly discover an enjoyable (and lucrative) career plan is just a few skills/classes away. Or maybe you just want to learn poetry so you can impress some hot girl with how sensitive you are. Whatever, I’m not here to judge.

At some point though, education becomes an investment that just isn’t worth the return. In fact, this blogger would argue that most of the time it comes up short, since people are a little too quick to deem something being worth the cost just because you learned something from it. Writing something off as educational has psychological value, but little practical value. How often have you chalked something up to a learning experience? […]