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How A Deferred Interest Credit Card Costs You Money

Every two weeks I’m up at the crack of crack paying bills online. My other half has put me in charge of paying his bills because he admittedly isn’t good at it. One of his bills happens to be a store card that has a promotional deferred interest rate that will expire in two months. He wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, do you?

From time-to-time stores will have promotions that are designed to get you to buy. The are often advertised as “No Interest for Six Months” or “No Interest for One Year”. Have you seen those types of offers?  This is called a deferred interest offer. This means that the credit issuer will not charge you any interest during the promotional period. […]

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How We Improved My Realtor’s Credit Score By 100 Points In Two Months

Helping people improve their financial lives is a core function of this blog.  I share the tools that will help you on this blog, but I leave it to you to implement the changes. Over the past few months, I’ve been taking my advice offline and putting them into practice with friends and family.

My realtor is a nice guy, but he is horrible with managing his money.  He had tried buying a car multiple times, only to be declined because of his credit profile.  I felt bad for him, so I decided to help him out.  After only two months his credit score has increased by 110 points dragging him out of the low 500’s and into the respectable 600 level.  How did I do it? Time to share. […]

balance money - Investments - The Benefits of a Balance Transfer: What You Should Know

The Benefits of a Balance Transfer: What You Should Know

Do you have outstanding charges on existing store or credit cards? Perhaps you’re struggling to pay your monthly bills? Whatever the case, it might be worth moving all your debt onto a credit card with a lower interest rate. This is known as a balance transfer and could save you a lot of money in the long run – so let’s take a close look at the benefits: […]

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New Infographic Explores Generational Differences When It Comes To Debt

The average American carries almost $80,000 in debt and has a credit score of 751 – a number that falls into the “C” range on VantageScore’s A to F grading scale. While these figures alone paint a general impression of the state of personal debt and credit in the United States today, there are considerable differences among Americans of different statuses and backgrounds. For example, even though income isn’t calculated into your credit score, wealthier Americans generally have a greater capacity to pay off their debt and achieve a high rating. […]

Banking Debit Card Fees Go Bye-Bye

Banking Debit Card Fees Go Bye-Bye

Just about one month after they announcing a $5 surcharge to use your debit card for purchases, Bank of America is now reportedly looking into new ways for more account holders to avoid the fee and may consider reversing the fee altogether.  Showing that voting with your feet and moving your money elsewhere really does work, several banks including Wells Fargo and Chase have now completely dropped their plans to institute these fees altogether after witnessing the backlash and public outcry against debit card fees.  Score one for the little guys. […]