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Research Shows Installment Loans Are Just As Risky As Title Loans

Payday loans and title loans are routinely criticized for having steep interest rates. They are often tagged as the worst consumer loans due to their stringent repayment terms. Payday loans and title loans usually have to be repaid within a month. In many states, title loan lenders have the ability to offer longer repayment periods[…]

10 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

There are few concerns that are more stressful than wondering what would happen to your family in the event of you passing.  If some tragedy were to come against you, how would your family survive?  Do they already have the means necessary to maintain their current standard of living?  Or do they face the risk of losing their home?  Fortunately, there is a way to meet your family’s needs even after your demise.  A life insurance plan will ensure that your family members receive the help they need at a time when they need it most.  Of course, saving money on your life insurance plan is just as important as investing in one.  That’s why this brief guide will quickly show you 10 ways to save money on life insurance. […]


My Carpets are Ruined! Will My Homeowners Insurance Replace Them?

When many people think of a home insurance claim, they think of major damage, such as storm damage, fires, floods, and other potentially catastrophic events. The idea of homeowners insurance in most people’s minds is to protect you and your family from damage so extensive that you’d never be able to afford fixing it on your own in a reasonable amount of time.

In other words, your savings account might not cover the cost of fixing that gigantic hole in the roof, but you need to find a way to keep your family out of the rain tomorrow. […]

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Tips for Cutting Your Food Budget

When you are trying to save money, the first thing to do is to check out your largest expenses and see if they can be cut.  For most people, that means housing, vehicles, and food.  Since changes to your home or car may take a little time, let’s see how fast you can save money on food.

Where Does Your Food Money Go?

Try tracking your food spending for a month to figure out what you are spending currently and where that money is going.   You may be surprised to see how much you are spending on restaurants or fast food.  Or you may see a habit that you hadn’t noticed before like too many trips to a coffee shop or favorite dessert place.  Tracking your spending is definitely the first step since it will keep you from guessing as you make a plan. […]

5 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Homeowner's Insurance

5 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is very important. It’s your safety net in case something bad happens. Although that safety net is needed, you also need to be able to support your family. If you are struggling to pay your homeowner’s insurance rates every month, following these five steps could reduce your rates:

Multi-Policy Discounts

Most insurance companies want to ensure that you are using them for all of your insurance needs. By insuring your car through the company that insures your home, you will receive a multi-policy discount. If you are looking for an even bigger multi-policy discount, some companies also provide life insurance and health insurance policies. […]

Why High School Seniors Are Choosing to Stay Close to Home

Why High School Seniors Are Choosing to Stay Close to Home

It is the dream of many upcoming high school graduates to leave their home and start their own independent life. However, many more than usual will be making the choice to remain close to home when they go to college. They are doing this in larger numbers for a variety of reasons:


Remaining close to home is a huge economic benefit to the recent high school graduate. He or she will be able to potentially remain living at home depending on the distance from the school and the willingness of the parents to take care of them. Therefore, the student could save on the room and board costs that he or she would have to pay for if they are allowed to stay. […]

college budget - Getting a College Degree for Free

Getting a College Degree for Free

According to Consumer Reports, the average college student graduates with at least $20,000 in student loan debt. The average student also has at least $4,000 to $5,000 in credit card debt. Some students in high school are now realizing that college can pose a financial burden that they will face for the rest of their lives.  These students are taking steps to actively alleviate that debt by applying to scholarships and grants. In addition to doing a general search for scholarships on the Internet, listed below are five helpful tips that students can use to get a free college degree:

  1. Meet with a High School Counselor
    Your high school counselor contains a wealth of information when it comes to scholarship opportunities, and he or she will easily be able to perform a free scholarship search to help you find awards you may be suited for. He or she may know of local scholarships in the community that fit you particularly well. Your counselor may also be able to help you obtain scholarships for community college programs that will allow you to transfer credits to your college and save money. […]