Why High School Seniors Are Choosing to Stay Close to Home

It is the dream of many upcoming high school graduates to leave their home and start their own independent life. However, many more than usual will be making the choice to remain close to home when they go to college. They are doing this in larger numbers for a variety of reasons:


Remaining close to home is a huge economic benefit to the recent high school graduate. He or she will be able to potentially remain living at home depending on the distance from the school and the willingness of the parents to take care of them. Therefore, the student could save on the room and board costs that he or she would have to pay for if they are allowed to stay.

There are other hidden benefits in this such as not having to spend money on things like food and more. This is all dependent on what the parents decide to continue paying for of course, but the average student who lives at home will save money over the student who decides to move away.

Social Support

Staying at home provides the benefit of social support when it comes to dealing with certain issues that may come up throughout the course of university life. This is not to say that the parents of a student should “baby” them, but there are some benefits to having parents close by who can relate to the issues that you are going through and try to help you out with them. When this is the case, students are able to enjoy a more full understanding of the emotions that they are experiencing as a result of certain situations.

Remaining Close To Friends

Friends are everything to some students. More of the people they went to high school with are going to go to the local schools, and that means that the networks that they have set up are going to remain intact when they go to the local schools. It is possible to remain friends with someone from another school but the distance makes it much more difficult. If the current group of friends a graduate has is very important to him or her, then going to the local school to keep those friends may be worth it. For some it may not.

Going local is not for everyone, but there are numerous benefits to consider. Before making any final decisions about college, make sure you weigh your local options. You could potentially do this by using a college finder service online.

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10 thoughts on “Why High School Seniors Are Choosing to Stay Close to Home

  • It’s sad because I think leaving the nest and relocating can be as important as any degree one can pick up. In the current economy that is becoming increasingly hard and it’s a life skill (upping and moving) that many people will be without.

  • It’s true, gone are the days where students had their bags packed before they were even accepted to a University or College. Alot of the economic slowdown and money crisis around the world has hit home. There are more reality tv shows that show people in debt and how they got there. The internet boasts posts after posts warning people to spend less than they earn and for students to stay away from going into debt as much as possible. More and more students are using coupons and budgeting their money to stay afloat while in school.

    The students that are able to stay home are the one’s that are potentially breathing a sigh of relief. I can say that life lessons while away at University set the groundwork for me when I was finished. It was easier to transition into my new career and new apartment without my parents. This might be harder for the child that stays home but nothing compared to the stress of being in debt compared to if they went away and had to get bigger loans for school and accommodations. Cheers Mr.CBB

  • My cousin decided to go to a community college before pursuing her degree in a local university. She stayed in their family home during her first two years in college. What could be better than having your mom inside your classroom sitting beside you! You are doing your homework and reviewing for exam TOGETHER!

  • This is all super relavant and true. I personally didn’t go to college right away. I was living at home until I was about 23. I was at a community college for a few years until I moved to San Francisco to go to SFSU.
    Going to school close to home does make it cheaper for the student no doubt.
    The parents may expect their child to get a job and pitch in with rent and other things around the house but this all varies by situation.

    When I moved I left everything behind. My family my friends, everything I knew. I moved with a significant other which made it a tad better because I wasn’t alone. I dont regret the move and love that I did it.
    But it does reveal a lot about yourself and how self reliant you can really be

  • I am about to start my senior year of high school, so these have been going through my head recently. My mom keeps telling me that The closer I am, the more she can help me, but I really want to get out, not because I don’t love my family and friends, and want to stay close to them, but because I want to not be confined and I want to learn more about the world. I’ll miss them dearly, but I need to succeed and fail on my own terms.

    • That’s right….Some people have major trouble doing this. I think thats an excellent idea.. move somewhere new, it doesn’t have to be incredibly far, but get away. New experiences, new people.

  • I agree with you. Nothing can be better than staying in home and continuing your studies altogether. Personally I can never imagine staying away from my family (specially mom) and pursuing my career staying at a different place. I have always been stuck at home and completed both my graduation and masters from Harvard throughout. This way I would surely learn to know the world, but at the same time would get my family alongside.

  • I couldn’t wait to get away from my hometown – in fact, we were instructed by our 12th grade government teacher to live outside the DC area during college if we had grown up there! I’m so glad I did, because attending college in southern California showed me that’s where I want to spend the majority of my life. While I loved my high school classmates, I didn’t want to continue in those same relationships by going to UVA with 1/3 of my graduating class. Striking out on my own was invaluable! I feel sorry that the recession is preventing some people from having adventures like I had.

  • I think a balance here could be beneficial. If I had the chance to do it all over again, it would have been nice to stay at home during my two years at the community college and live off campus during my junior and senior years. Instead, I lived off campus all four years and missed out on a lot of the social stuff because I had to work. Oh well, I did learn a lot by living on my own.

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