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The Frugal Employee

It’s back to work for me, which means expenses related to work.  In this economy, everyone is doing what they can to save money, but some people are taking frugality to the extremes, especially if you’re an employee in a shaky industry that has seen mass layoffs these past few years. Regardless of what the state of your job is right now, it’d be a good idea to hop aboard the frugal train with the following tips: […]

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What to Look for in a Tracking System

As a human resource professional, searching for the perfect applicant requires a considerable amount of effort. If you feel like you are drowning beneath a sea of applications and resumes, it might be time to reach out for help. A tracking and organizational system can help you get this issue under control so that you can quickly fill that open position. However, not all systems are built the same. Before committing to one offering, take a moment to consider the attributes of strong applicant database software. […]

Are Women Sabotaging Their Own Careers?

Are Women Sabotaging Their Own Careers?

I hope that you’ve heard about this “controversy” that was started by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook and a Director at Disney, who wrote the book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. The basic premise of the book is that women are to blame for their lack of career advancement. According to Sheryl, women are their own worst enemies when it comes to their careers because we don’t “lean forward.” I liken that to saying that we are not assertive.

Watch the video below and come back for a discussion. […]

Yes, I Am Sandy - Unemployed

I’m Unemployed & Coming Out The Closet

As of last Friday, I am officially unemployed with no new job to go to.  Are you panicking for me? Because I’m not.

I’m smirking as I write this post that has been months in the making while sipping on a cup of calming ginger tea.  My heart is beating loudly as if playing out a scene in The Tell-Tale Heart, but it’s at the excitement of what is to come in the next few months.  Life is beautiful, and for just this week, I took the time to stop and enjoy being alive and happy.

If you recall I resigned from one job over a year ago to take another job with a different employer.  The new job was in the field of Human Resources, something that I had wanted to do my entire career.  When the opportunity presented itself, I was hesitant at moving because I liked my previous employer a lot.  But, after speaking with my better half, I was convinced to get over my reservations and accept my dream job.

Within two weeks of joining the new company I knew that I had made a terrible mistake.  My job?  Oh, that part was easy . The office and company? That was the issue.  But, I’m nothing if not positive, so I decided that I would give the new job at least six months of observation before making a decision on leaving or going. […]

love my job - 7 Best Jobs

The 7 Best Jobs

A couple of weeks ago, I gave your brain and eyeballs the reading of the century millennium, as I treated you all to my list of the 7 worst jobs of all time. It was pretty awesome, and we all wept openly for those suckers who have to spend all day doing those crummy jobs. I’d give you hugs and all, but I’m kind of scared of human contact.

This post will be a little more positive, as we count down the 7 best jobs. While I’m not recommending you quit your job right now to do one of these careers, I’d at least think about it. Especially if you’re a teacher. Or if you work at the DMV. Yeah, I’m not sure why that wasn’t on the original list. Let’s do it. […]

overwhelmed - 7 Worst Jobs

The 7 Worst Jobs

Some of you reading this have jobs that are awesome. Maybe you’re a bikini inspector, or maybe a taster of delicious desserts. Or maybe you’re a tester of comfortable mattresses. Those are pretty good jobs. So is being Taylor Swift’s bodyguard, at least in my mind. And hey, who wouldn’t want to a professional beer drinker?

Wait. I am being told none of these jobs actually exist.

Most of us have jobs that are more normal. We’re accountants or nurses, or a million other regular jobs. Most of these jobs are pretty good. Some though, are terrible. Like really terrible. I’m impressed those of you who do them for a living get through a day without punching yourselves in the face. Let’s look at the 7 that are the worst of the worst. […]