Companies Hiring For 2012 Christmas Season Jobs

Companies Hiring For 2012 Christmas Season Jobs

Whether you are out of work or just need to supplement your income during the holiday season, now is a great time to begin looking towards companies who traditionally hire seasonal workers for the Christmas holidays.  If you wait until November or December there is a strong possibility that all of the seasonal jobs might be filled so begin looking now!

While we may think of seasonal jobs as the domain of retail stores, there are open positions for people like me who prefer to not deal with frazzled shoppers during the holiday season. Let’s see who’s hiring seasonal workers for the 2012 Christmas and holiday season! […]

No Vacancy For You - I'm Quitting My Job And Retiring by 40

I’m Quitting My Job And Retiring by 40

I have writer’s block.  When something is bothering me, it completely stops my ability to write anything at all until I get it off my chest.  I struggle with how much of my own life to include on this blog that doesn’t relate to finance.  After all, this blog is about my journey out of debt, but I tend to toss in little anecdotes about my life as well.  Hey, I’m human. So, I’ve had this thing stuck in my throat for weeks now, and it made me lose my voice.  I figure, it’s time to let it out.

I’m quitting my job.

There, I said it.  Such a relief. […]

Learn Website Design for Free Online

Learn Website Design for Free Online

For those suffering from the effects of being unemployed or underemployed, there has never been a more important time to develop new skills than in this struggling economy.  Professional analysts and economists are consistently reinforcing this concept.  Unfortunately, being able to pay for a formal education can be even more challenging than fitting it into your busy schedule.

Sure, there are plenty of grants, loans and scholarships to help along the way, but obtaining these funding sources can be difficult and even impossible for some.  They will also differ for each school, as certain types of aid may not be available everywhere.  Since formal courses require a time consuming schedule, you are likely to become even more strained between making ends meet and succeeding in your classes. […]

Work Habits That Make You Fat and Sick

Work Habits That Make You Fat and Sick

I am not a workaholic, but I strive to become a superstar employee. You know, the one who is always there to answer a question, who is willing to take additional responsibilities, help a co-worker with a project after hours, and who never fails to show up at work with a dashing smile ready to conquer the day. It sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But it is not just grueling, it is also not healthy.
Over time while trying to become a superstar employee, I have developed some bad habits with good intentions in mind, but bad habits none the less.

woman and money - What Is A Plan B?

What’s Your Plan "B"?

I don’t speak about work on this blog much, and that’s on purpose.  It’s not because I know that some of my coworkers read this blog (hi!), it’s because I like to separate church and state if you will.  This is one of the rare times when they will collide and you get to reap the benefits.

I love my job.  I love the people that I work with.  They are an awesome bunch of people that are like my extended family.  Like any family, we have people that resemble the seven dwarfs: Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, Doc, Sleepy and the other two that I can’t remember.  People are my job tend to be “lifers” and while I love it here, I know that I also need to have a Plan B just in case things change. […]

Companies Hiring Right Now Christmas 2011 Seasonal Jobs

Companies Hiring Right Now Christmas 2011 Seasonal Jobs

I know that many of you are out there struggling and wondering how you’ll be able to afford Christmas gifts this year.  This is just a very quick service announcements that if you’re looking for a job or need a weekend gig to supplement your income, there are plenty of company hiring right now for the Christmas season and they want you!

Last year I was lucky to get a weekend job at Macy’s and chances are that you will be too if you act right now and beat the last-minute rush to find a job.  Below are some companies that I know for a fact are hiring right now: […]

15% of Americans Are Poor

15% of Americans Are Officially Poor

I’ve been talking quite a bit about poverty this week, and this is why. The latest Census Bureau figures show that 15% of Americans are poor, a term used for families earning up to $21,765 for a family of four. That’s up from 14% in 2009. That figure is even more pronounced in population centers across the country, like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. One in five New Yorkers (20.1%) now live in poverty in one of what is arguably one of the most expensive cities in the country.  The major cause?  The consequences of the Great Recession, of course.


What's Keeping You From Finding A Job

What’s Keeping You From Finding A Job

My post about the past two years of a friend’s adventure from getting laid off to looking for a job resulted in different kinds of comments in the blogosphere when it was featured on a few different sites. Comments ranged everywhere from agreement that it was her fault that she was still unemployed, to me being a horrible friend, me having an elitist attitude and looking down on unemployed people, etc.  I understand and welcome  everyone’s perspective, but can’t agree with them all.

These comments did make me think about all of the people who are actively seeking and having a hard time finding employment. As I mentioned in one of my responses to a comment on the other post, I know what it is like to try finding a job in the current environment. Between my mom’s home and mine, I am the only person that if fully employed. That’s between 6 working age adults. My mom is currently on disability, so I don’t count her. My step-father has been on a work slowdown since the factory that he works in will close in January after something like 80 years in operation. He’s a 57 year old blue collar worker. How easy do you think it will be for him to find a job? Due to efficiencies that I am currently working on to automate much of my own job responsibilities, I predict that I’ll probably be out of work within 5 months or so. Yes, I know, I’m making it easy for my employer to let me go by helping them to automate my work and outsource the rest. But what choice do I have? The job market here is brutally hard, especially if you are a blue collar worker, or if you work in the financial industry. But the fact still remains that while it is hard to find a job, it is not impossible. […]

Student Loans - Should You Still Collect Unemployment Benefits If a New Job Offer Pays Less?

Should You Still Collect Unemployment Benefits If a New Job Offer Pays Less?

That’s a question that bears asking in a very iffy economy.  Say for example, you collect unemployment benefits of $15 per hour, but a new job as a bill collector only pays about $11 per hour.  It does make sense to continue with the unemployed help than to accept the offer and lose your benefits.  But of course, the choice is not as black and white as that.

Depending on the state they are living in, retrenched workers usually collect unemployment benefits for six months although federal assistance can extend unemployed help in case of loss of a job to as much as two years. Considering studies that it takes about eight months for a worker to find a new job in America, two years is still a very long time.  Don’t forget, unemployment benefits do not come out of thin air, they come from the shrinking pockets of fellow Americans. […]

How To Make More Money Without Pissing Off Your Boss

How To Make More Money Without Pissing Off Your Boss

We’d all like to make more money, but I’m tired of advice telling me to ask for a raise. This asking for a raise crap doesn’t work when the employer is also having issues, so that tactic isn’t gonna work. I’m also tired of advice telling me to sell stuff on eBay. If someone else wanted my crap it’d be gone already, but they don’t so I can’t sell it. I don’t have time to deliver pizzas and if I did, I would have to compete with 100 other people who want to delivery those pies, plus it’s not too safe for female delivery people in New York, so that’s out the window. What’s left? Legally? Not much but whatever it is, you don’t want to risk pissing off your boss and losing the one stable job that you have. […]

It’s Your Fault That You’re Still Unemployed

There, I said it. It’s what everyone else is thinking but are too afraid to actually say to you.  You’re my friend, and I love  you, but really, it’s your own fault that you’re still unemployed.

That’s what I’ve wanted to say to my friend that has been out of work for over  2 years.  She was laid off from her job at a top 5 investment bank after working there for 8 years.  Prior to being laid off she has been unhappy, – no, no, she was miserable – with her job and had actually been contemplating quitting to start a new career.  Recognizing the signs that they were probably about to start laying people off (I had been part of a layoff wave at the same company years before), I told her to stick it out until they were laying people off and if she was not part of the layoffs, asked to be packaged out.  That way she would receive a decent package (usually months worth of salary) and some other job finding assistance.  My advice was that until then she should brush off and update her resume, line up prospective people to be her references, figure out what she wanted to do, and generally get her ducks in a row. […]