Shit, Not The Job

Sigh. So I’ve been avoiding this post on purpose because it’s sometimes nice to have my head in the sand. I let it stay there for a little bit before coming into the light. My job fired a long term employee on Friday. I know, shit happens, but the way that it was done was so dirty as to inspire an entire office full of disgust and low morale. Did this person lie, cheat, steal or curse someone out? Nope. They were just told that their job can be handled by someone across the country and that management couldn’t find another position for her. It’s BS and everyone is the office knows that. This lady who is in her late 50’s purchased a home only a few months ago. What does she do now?
The prospect of losing my job pushed me into a cleaning frenzy…cleaning out my desk at work that is. Yeah, I know that you will think that I’m cynical but I feel like it could easily be me too! My boss said as much today. She said that she has no idea what management is doing and that we should all basically cover our asses. So yes, I cleaned my desk out. I’m not sitting here patiently waiting for the ax to fall. I am updating my resume, I put my Rolodex contacts into my own address book and put a headhunter that I know on notice that I might be available soon.

There is a company-wide meeting on Thursday. Let you know how it goes so that I can hit the ground running. No use feeling sorry for myself. What I am happy about is that I am preparing my bomb shelter for when the nuke drops.

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