September 30, 2010

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Hi! Are you lonely? Need someone to talk to? Just want to shoot the breeze? If you can’t get me on Twitter then use the form below! Please give me a few days to respond since I’m horrible at communications. Thanks.

WAIT!  Before you hit the submit button, please read everything below.  I’m sorry that I have to put these things here, but it’s getting harder to weed through the detritus that I am receiving these days.

  1. Are you interested in advertising? Please visit my advertisement page. You may contact me through that page to be sent to my priority inbox or e-mail pr@yesiamcheap.
  2. Are you interested in pitching me a “free” article because you’re an awesome content writer?  Sorry, I won’t take them.
  3. Do you want to exchange links and/or banners?  Sorry, but I don’t do link exchanges!
  4. Will I review your book?  Maybe.  It takes time to read books and I have precious little, but I’ll try if I have time. Chances are that I just won’t be able to do it, but congrats on publishing your book, though!
  5. Still lonely?  Please drop me a line using the form below, but beware of my disclosures.

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