Suze Orman is the Devil

That lady over there is Suze Orman. You’ve seen her. You know you’ve seen her. She’s friends with Oprah and if that don’t count for somethin’ well I don’t know what doesn’t! Okay so I don’t really think that Suze is the devil but MSN Money is making such a case today at this article. They’re basically saying that Suze doesn’t practice what she preaches and is instead making millions off of watered down advice and selling products that give people a false sense of security. That I can agree with.

Anytime someone who is a millionaire tells me that I need to buy their book or whatever product they are selling to be just as rich as them I tend to pause. To me it’s the same as those classes that Donald Trump was giving for some outrageous fee on how to get rich in real estate like him. Ahh, isn’t my thousand dollar fee making you rich? Anyway I say all this to say take advices of financial “gurus” with a grain of salt. You have to know what works for you and what doesn’t. So while Suze wants me to keep investing in the stock market, I’ve lost over 30% of my portfolio value and she has most of her money in government bonds. Things that make you go hmmm.

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