The Art of the Coupon

I don’t know if you are still a part of the clan of individuals who are embarrassed to use coupons. If you are then I absolve you of your sins. Brush off the embarrassment and join the checkout line. A couple of this week’s coupons are useful. Let’s see what has up. Dannon, Cookie Crisp (shut up, I like it), Reynold’s Wrap, Scott Towels, Pillsbury Holiday cookies, etc. In the interest of fairness I have to say that I typically don’t buy brand names. I’ve decided that the premium that I have to pay on name brand merchandise is often not worth it. However I make an exception if a coupon will bring the price down to below the generic or store brand versions.

One of the biggest benefits of couponing (yeah, I made up a word) is the potential impact that a sale combined with a coupon and potential coupon doubling can have on your total. So if an item that is usually say $5.00 is on sale for $4.50 and I have a coupon for $0.99 off and my store will double coupons up to $0.99 then I will end up paying $2.52 for an item that is usually $5.00. That is almost 50% off! I’ve had sour cream for $0.25 when the normal price is around $2.50. And those sour bitches behind me tapping their toes and turning up their noses waiting for me to finish with my batch of coupons are usually jealous when my $130.00 grocery bill drops down to $75 like last week. Ha, ha!

Additional coupon resources are your Sunday paper (they usually have 2 different booklets),,,, and

You can also buy coupons on eBay and get coupons directly from the websites of your favorite companies. Just go on there and search around or write them a nice letter telling them how much you love their products. Those little “comments” phone numbers they have on packages are useful for getting coupon. Just ask them! Sometimes they’ll send you some.

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