How Can I Make Extra Money?

Trying to make extra money is getting really hard! eBay sucks. I feel like I am competing directly against Chinese manufacturers and I certainly can’t beat their prices. It’s driving prices down since bidders are not buying. So it’s on to the next thing. Craig’s List is great when you have something that people don’t mind meeting you for. I’ve found it works for electronics. There is that danger aspect of meeting some stranger! On to the internet.

Adsense ads from Google which you see here, only earns me money when someone clicks on it. So far I’m up $4.90 for the year. They don’t even pay you until you get to $100 so at this rate I’ll get a check in 9 years. I’m not paying for and can’t win against people bidding from India. I just gave up on that one. I haven’t even tried writing for eHow because it seems that every topic has been covered. I just don’t know how I can possibly write something that other people will be interested in. Lack of confidence? I don’t know.

My websites have generated 3 sales in the last money. They earned a profit of about $100 for me. It’s okay but I really need to spend time promoting them more to really earn some money. The cost of merchant fees though eats up my profit. I don’t think I want to continue paying merchant fees when I’m not earning enough to make it worthwhile.

Either that or you can get a raise.

So what do I do now? How do I earn extra money? How do you earn extra money? Remember, I don’t have time for a part-time job. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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