Grow Your Own Food, Save Money

I think I’m about to lose a few of you with this one but now that Spring is here have you thought about planting a garden to supplement your food? For those of you who live in apartment buildings with my balcony, I’m sorry but this might not be the best post for you to read. Everyone else, scoot a little closer to the computer monitor.

Now you’ve heard about these survivalist wingnuts who thing the great war is coming and you have to grow everything you eat to preserve your food supply. You have? Yeah, well I’m not talking about that. I’m taking about a little patch for veggies and such.

I find now to be a great time to go to your local Lowes, Ace or Home Desperately-In-Need-Of-Better-Trained-Staff to purchase packets of seeds. It’s much cheaper than buying seedlings later plus you can control what kind of chemicals are going onto your veggies. I recommend planting something that you eat a lot of. For me tomatoes make sense. So I plant tomatoes. I also do a mixture of different lettuces in a pot so that it can grow and I can clip off some lettuce as I need it. I love peas and peppers so those two get a planted as well. Now I’m entering the final frontier. Did I tell you my potato story?

So I have a degree in Biology and I thought that I would grow potatoes in a pot this year. Trust me, it can be done. So I selected some red potatoes, brown bagged them so that they would sprout, and got ready to plant them. Let me say that I had them sprouted for months. I went to the home supply store and got organic soil and a large pot. I got home all ready to plant the potatoes that I’d now had sprouting for months. I couldn’t find the potato anywhere. Finally, I asked the BF’s mother where my potato was. Turns out she has tossed it the day before! I hit the ceiling. Everyone knew that I planned on planting this potato and had left it away from the ones we eat. She thought it looked “wormy”. So be sure to keep your sprouts away from everyone else.

Also, visit Lindsay at Off The Urban Grid for more tips on growing things. She even has a post on how to grow things even if you don’t have a garden. You should also check out what one family in California did with their home garden. Oh, the possibilities. Love it.

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3 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food, Save Money

  • Heh, I’ve purchased everything from Gatorade to tennis balls at Walgreens, and they do always seem to have some good specials going.

  • Lindsay,

    I have to say that I love your blog! I looked into urban homesteading before I even started doing this whole cheap blog. It was what got me rolling. Have you seen the Dervaes homestead on Youtube? You have to check them out.

  • I agree, the workers at HD are about the worst. We are putting in a garden this summer for a couple of reasons. First of all, our 5 year old son went vegan (all on his own) and we want to have him eat organic veggies. We also want to save some money and just do the right thing. Should be a fun project for the entire family!

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