Look Up, Pigs Are Flying

STOP THE PRESSES! Get your cast iron pot ready because there will be pigs flying everyone. Cast your net and hope you catch one. What the heck am I talking about. I’m talking about this. A bank is actually GIVING MONEY BACK TO PEOPLE. Shut up!

Okay, okay. I’m calm. Let me stop yelling in caps lock. Chase has actually reversed its nasty decision to start charging people a monthly fee of $10. These were accounts that Chase determined they were not making enough money from because they had low fixed interest rate. I was very much afraid that I would end up in that category once my 18 month 0% financing expired in April.

I get enough flack for being a New Yawka, but everyone with a Chase account should thank my Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo (who I am sure will run for Governor or something) for this bone. I love it!

Photo is courtesy of Sketched Out

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