Month Three Check In.

Time to see how I’m doing! Just as a point of reference I ended February with a total debt of $101, 437.13. Yep, down to the penny. So this time I ended February with a debt of $99,294.80 meaning that I slashed a little over $1,000 off my debt last month. That’s almost 50% of my monthly take home pay so that’s not too bad. I love moving from the 6 figure debt down to the 5 figure. When I’m out of the 90’s I’ll celebrate. So this all means that I am down $6,529.37 in debt from January. I managed to pay off one of the student loans that comprise the large amount (it’s a combination of 3 loans) last month. I’m very happy with where I am since I decided to focus on reducing my debt.

My birthday is this month and I hope that my next birthday finds me in a much better situation than I am right now. 🙂 I have so much going on at work that I have very little personal time but I am going to take back my free time…especially since I’m not being paid for the overtime and extra work. It’s keeping me form getting a second job which sucks. Anyway, it’s PROGRESS!

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