What Not To Do For Money In The Recession

I’ve talked about lots of ways to make money besides a 9-5 job but even I have my limits! Based on recent news stories and what I’ve heard about some celebrities doing I’ve compiled my top 10 list of things not to do for money in the recession.

Top 10 Things Not To Do For Money In the Recession

1. Rob a convenience store at gunpoint with your 9 year old beside you(?!)
2. Star in a reality show like “I Love Money”, “Rock of Love Bus” or anything on VH1
3. Have 14 children to so that you can pitch a TV show to the Discovery Channel
4. Sell your children’s “exclusive” baby photos for money
5. Run a ponzi scheme (a la Bernie Madoff and others)
6. Stage sham funerals to collect the insurance money
7. Commit insurance fraud like having your car “disappear
8. Get creative on your taxes like suddenly claiming 5 children
9. Pit your employees against each other in a Fox reality show
10. Start squatting in a foreclosed home

Just stay pretty clear of anything where you might end up in jail or in Tijuana.

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