What to Look for in a Tracking System

As a human resource professional, searching for the perfect applicant requires a considerable amount of effort. If you feel like you are drowning beneath a sea of applications and resumes, it might be time to reach out for help. A tracking and organizational system can help you get this issue under control so that you can quickly fill that open position. However, not all systems are built the same. Before committing to one offering, take a moment to consider the attributes of strong applicant database software.

Ease of Use

First, the system should be easy to use. Otherwise, there is little point in switching away from your traditional approach to handling applicants. Look for features like an understandable and simple graphic user interface when browsing potential matches. If the software is overly complicated, the learning curve might be too steep to make the purchase cost effective. Additionally, consider customization and enhanced features. Like most things “easy” is a relative term. If you are a tech savvy individual, these extra features could serve as the deciding factor when comparing options.

Varied Platforms

Modern applicant tracking systems cover a variety of platforms. Some handle only your input, while others interact with online directories, databases, and applicant submissions. For the best experience, look for an offering that covers a large number of platforms. With the proper sorting and categorization features, taking in a massive number of applications shifts from being a nuisance to being a powerful advantage. In some cases, your system can also cover social media responses from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Even though these sites are not necessarily considered conventional, there is no denying the power of reaching out to prospective employees across all available channels.

Customer Support

Even the best application tracking software can malfunction at times. If you find yourself with a technological hiccup in the middle of the applicant research process, pairing yourself with a company that places an emphasis on customer service is a strong asset. Before committing to a purchase or signing a contract, inquire about these policies and services. If the customer care package of your desired software is lacking, it may be time to look into alternatives and substitutes. Failing to keep your options open in regards to customer service could leave you in a bind at the worst possible time.

Reporting and Sorting

Filling several positions at once can strain some systems. If you expect your company will need to fill multiple openings in the future, look for a tool that offers more options in the sorting category. Once you have the pool sorted and categorized as necessary, a proper reporting feature is the next step. This includes physical printouts and sheets that are handy for meetings and discussions on the open positions. A strong report covers all the information required to make a decision. This includes professional and educational experience, as well as standout attributes and factors. With this content, you and your counterparts can make fast and efficient decisions as a group.

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