Where To Get the iPhone 5C for Free

I don’t have an iPhone, and probably won’t have one because I’m an Android kind of girl, but, I can still appreciate a good offer.

I know that the iPhone has never been offered for free before, so, Apple must be getting desperate because the new iPhone 5C prices and promotions are such that Walmart is offering the new iPhone 5C at 20% below the suggested price and I’ve sniffed out how you can get a FREE, yes, FREE iPhone 5C.

If you’re willing to port over to Sprint and sign a new contract, you can get a free iPhone 5C.

Now, all of you iPhone fan boys or girls who don’t mind switching can save some serious money by switching.  However, if you’re like my Twitter friend Melanie Nichols, you might be waiting on a line somewhere to shell out your money for the latest version.  Whatever works for you! It’s always fun to watch.

Melanie-i5 - iPhone 5C

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