Tips For Getting a Great Deal On Your Car Insurance

When it comes to our financial situations, we all need a helping hand. Here we’ve got a few great tips on how you can reduce your car insurance premiums. After all, with the cost of petrol continuing to rise, driving can be expensive so it’s important to cut your expenses where you can.

Keep learning new skills

If you can prove to your insurance company that you’re a safe driver, it’s likely that your premium will be less. There are certain options out there offered by insurance companies including telematics insurance which monitors how you’re driving, but you can also look to improve and add new skills with further testing schemes such as Pass Plus.

Make your car unattractive to thieves

Ensuring your car is fitted with an alarm, immobilizer, a tracking system and a steering wheel lock will make your car much less appealing to thieves. Fitting them can often result in cheaper car insurance too.

Choose your parking options wisely

Where you park your car can impact on the level of your car insurance premium, with those who park their cars on the road outside their house likely to pay more in terms of insurance than people who are able to park directly on their own property, either in the garage or on the drive. The reason for this is that your car is less likely to be broken into. Always mention this when getting your quote.

Keep on top of the details

First of all, if you give incorrect information this could potentially lead to any subsequent claim being refused. Secondly, if you provide correct information it can lead to significant savings. An example of this being if your annual mileage is low, you may be charged a lower premium. It’s therefore always important to make sure you provide accurate information when getting a quote.

Named drivers

The more named drivers you have on your policy, the higher your premium will be. For many of us this is unavoidable, but when putting named drivers on your policy it’s important that you only do it when absolutely necessary and only for the specific time period they need to be named on the policy.

Set a voluntary excess

The higher your voluntary excess the lower your premium.

Consider a change

Whilst it might seem like the easiest thing to simply renew your car insurance with your existing provider, if you shop around and compare deals online there’s a high percentage that you’ll save yourself significantly on the premium of your new policy. It certainly pays to put the effort in.

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