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I’m not gone! Remember when my laptop broke and my brother lent me his extra laptop? I never got mine fixed and he needed his back so I’m computer-less! The withdrawal symptoms are killing me. I can suck it up and hand my laptop over to Geek Squad but they want $90 minimum just to “diagnose” the problem plus it takes 6-8 weeks AND they send it out to get it fixed. No thanks. I can’t do it. I have to find someone reputable to fix it and dip into my meager savings to fund the fix. Until then my posts might be sporadic at best. Sorry! The worse part is this whole laptop issue caused us to miss free KFC chicken and free tacos! You know how much I love free food! We can’t have this happen a second time.

On to how you can make some moolah off of me. Remember when I wrote about peer-to-peer lending? I’ve been both a lender and investor on Prosper and now I’m now availing myself of Prosper’s lending services again! If you’d like a surefire return on your money, go ahead and bid on my loan! The ad will only be up for another 24 hours so you don’t have much time. I’m guaranteeing payback much earlier than normal. I’m guessing around 6 months or so since I hate tying up people’s money for longer than that and I hate having a debt sit around for that long as well. So, if you’ll like a surefire return on your money, bid! Thanks!

For a limited time, if you become a lender, you will receive a $50 sign up bonus. If you invest between $1-$4,999, you will receive 1% cash rebate or 2% if you invest $5,000 or more! Do you want to borrow money? Help me pay down my debt by sending me an e-mail first. If I refer you and you fund a loan, I will receive a $100 referral bonus.

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