Are You Paying A Fat Tax?

I’m fat. I said it. I’m fat. The combination of a desk job with a long commute leaves no time for me to get to the gym and I end up eating fast food or some crap for dinner because I’m too tired to cook more often than I’d like. If you’re like me then you know where I’m coming from. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being fat! But, what price are you paying for the extra weight? I like to call all those little extra costs the fat tax.

Have paid for a gym membership but find that you hardly make it to the gym? That’s a fat tax.

Did you purchase a workout machine in January that is now a clothes hanger? That’s a fat tax.

Have you had to buy new clothes to fit your expanding girth? That too my friends, is a fat tax.

I have done all of the above. I’ll admit it. Those things are the ones that we can easily identify but we pay fat taxes in other ways as well. If you are overweight insurance premiums are higher; you spend more time at the doctor’s office paying those copays; you pay a premium for clothes; you buy larger cars and spend more on gas because the car is dragging around more weight; and worse, you die sooner and the death tax is the only thing that I can think of that’s worse than the fat tax.

I know that it’s hard but we must all resolve to quit paying the fat tax. Make a pledge with me to lose 5 pounds by the end of the year. It’s not much, but 5 pounds here and there will add up to some serious savings and will prolong your life as well. Adam from from Man vs. Debt is so focused on losing some weight that he started a new food blog, Man vs. Fat. I’m not so dedicated that I’ll start a whole new blog, but I’m dedicated enough to take a lap around my building at lunch. Wait. How cold is it outside? Okay so how about a loop within the office at lunch? We all have to start somewhere right?

I guess I have to start buying hangers for the clothes on the exercise machine.

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