Feeding My Family of Four for Under $10

Feeding My Family - dinnerTime for cheap dinner! Making dinner yourself is always a good way to ensure that your family has a cheap -er, nutritious meal. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and you find yourself going through the drive through. This week we’re doing a cheap dinner from Wendy’s!

I am assuming that your family of four consists of two adults and two kids. My family of four happens to have 4 adults (1 elderly). We will be shopping from the dollar menu at (drumroll please) Wendy’s!

4 baked potatoes (sour cream & chives) – $4
3 chilis – $3
2 side salads – $2
Total: $9 plus tax

Pour chili cover potato and top with sour cream & chives. Toss salad with dressing and divide amongst 4 diners. Viola! Want to be more healthy? Buy only two potatoes and 4 salads. I’m sure that you can think of a decent meal that doesn’t just consist of hamburgers from your local fast food restaurant. Good luck!

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