And the Winner Is…

Thank you all for your entries to my Earth Day Is My Birthday Green Goods Giveaway. Below is the screenshot of the winning entry. That was by Dina from Just Another New Blog. Yay! Proof is below. Congratulations Dina. She has the 21st entry. As soon as I get your address your good will be on their way.

I had fun with this giveaway. I can’t wait for another.


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3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  • Personally, the thought of egg salad doesn’t exactly thrill my taste buds, but make that tuna salad or chicken salad and I would be all over it! Being the anti-vegan carnivor that I am, I need “some” kind of meat in my meal. Wonder if the extra $0.20 you had in the budget could score me tuna or chicken in the salad?

    Either way, awesome budgeting tip for those trying to be frugal.

    Now I’m hungry! arrrrrg

  • Yeah, I know the kids can be really picky. They make the icky face until they try it. Maybe just start with a think smear of egg salad in a tea sandwich! I know, it sounds all fru fru bit if you cut the crust off it might work.

  • Great Job Sandy! It really is inspiring to see you progress and the way in which you share your thoughts on this blog makes it fun to read!

    Keep Rockin’!

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