Random Acts of Kindness Weekend Challenge

No personal finance today, just one of those random things that I like to do.  Have you heard about the awesome New York City cop who bought shoes for a homeless man with money out of his own pocket and unbeknownst to him had a photo of the event snapped and shared with the entire world? No? Well here’s a news real of his very selfless act.


Nice, huh? Well, it got me thinking about random acts of kindness and how we can all make the world a little with just one tiny act at a time.  It doesn’t have to cost $75 to mean something to someone.

So, here’s the challenge folks.  Over the weekend, perform two random acts of kindness.  Doesn’t have to be big but it just has to exist.  Buy a coffee for the person behind you on line at Dunkin Donuts.  Put $0.25 in a meter that’s about to expire.  Open a door for someone struggling with packages.

And just because lots of random acts go unnoticed, I’d love to recognize YOU and inspire others to do some kinds things as well.  Come right back here and share your random act in the comments.  I’ll kick it off by sharing mine:

  1. I saw a young solder dressed in full army gear complete with a rucksack struggling to find his Metrocard to swipe himself into the subject.  I called him over, swiped him in and wished him good luck.
  2. An older lady on a walker was struggling to get out of a restaurant door as I walked by.  I squeezed past her, opened the door and held it for her to get out of the restaurant.

Remember, it doesn’t have to cost anything to count.  Now, get out there and be kind!

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