May 1 Debt Check In

It’s May Day and time to see how I’m doing with my finances.

You already know that I had a hacker take my site down for some time.  I’m over it, so I won’t let it bug me one tiny bit.  Whether someone is messing with this site or not, I’m always, always focused on my debt.  It’s not an obsession…okay, maybe just a little bit.  But I’m so FOCUSED that I can literally feel the blood pumping in my veins.  Do you remember that excitement that you had on Christmas morning as a kid?  That’s how I feel now. I’m so excited at the prospect of ending this year in a far better financial position than I began it.  It’s weird, but exciting. […]

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May 1 Debt Check In

With the exception of my allergies, April was a good month to me.  I finally went back to working a normal work schedule instead of some grueling overtime hours.  The money was nice, but sleep and sanity is even better.  My Earth Day giveaway was a rousing success.  I had well over 60 entries which was awesome!  Congrats again to all of the winners and of course a big thank you to the sponsors again.

The government finally discharged the amount that I owed then, but getting them to send me a letter saying that the obligation was fulfilled that I can send to the credit bureaus is probably going to require the blood of my first born and at least a chicken sacrifice or two.  If anyone knows how to get paperwork out of New York State’s Department of Taxation and Finance, please let me know, because I have no clue.  They’ll cash my check but they won’t send me a damn letter. […]