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Hazel Ate Peppa. Peppa Got Revenge.


This is all about a dog named Hazel.

Hazel is a 10 year-old, red nosed American Staffordshire Terrier more commonly known as a pit bull. Anyone who has ever met Hazel knows that she is a sweet-heart except that Hazel has developed a disturbing habit in the past two years.

You see, she was an only child – a fur baby – for eight long years until her human brother Chase showed up two years ago. They’re the best of friends but sometimes compete for their mom’s attention. That would be me. Sometimes Hazel gets frustrated and chews Chase’s toys. Well, this time, she messed with the wrong toy – Peppa Pig – which promptly got stuck in her lower intestines.

Peppa had her revenge but mom got a $9,000+ vet bill. The choice was simple: let Hazel suffer and die or remove the offending toy (and her spleen for good measure since there was a growth there). Her crazy mom, otherwise known as Sandy, didn’t hesitate to swipe her credit card for that bill. Hazel is on the mend so now we need to mend that balance.

The challenge is this:

31 days.
Side hustle up $9,000.
Any means necessary.
Ends on Halloween.

Can I do it? Hell no. But let’s try!

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I haven’t actually written for someone else in a while and many places won’t take just a single article, but, we can try!

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Plenty of places to drive for! Not sure if I’ll have time for this but, again, I can try.

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One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure; or something like that. Online sales includes affiliate marketing and stuff.

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