The Dog Ate My Money

The dog ate my money. I mean it. Stop laughing. The dog really did eat my money. Let me backtrack a bit. I typically don’t carry more than $20 in cash on a daily basis but I do donate around 15% of my tax return to the cause of “stop my mother from calling me”. […]

Contest Winners and Other Goodies

Time to announce my contest winner. The winner is…me! I didn’t get 32 entries to my contest so my $32 goes right back into my pocket and pays for my commuting costs this week. Nice! I hope everyone had a great Earth Day and did something Earth friendly. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the […]

10 Ways to Go Green That Won't Break the Bank

This is Earth Week and you’ll be seeing everyone advertising their green credentials this week. I’ve always wondered how I can help in a way that makes a meaningful contribution but won’t have my purse screaming. Last year I told you how to go green cheaply and save money. This, year I’m writing part 2. […]

Lessons from A Frugal Blogger

So, the frugal blogosphere got a list of questions from Fru Blogger asking us to share our hard learned money lessons. I’ve got some lessons for you! Below are his list of questions and my answers. I hope we learned something. 1) What’s your “frugality story?” In other words, how and why did you become […]

Tax Day Freebies and Almost Freebies

Tomorrow is Tax Day. If you haven’t done your taxes yet and you’re full of anxiety, then get ready to file your extension and wait on lines at the post office. If you’ve already done your taxes and have nothing to worry about then spend the day soaking up freebies and almost freebies with me. […]

Taking The Plunge

As of April 7th I am a home owner! I purchased the home that I mentioned in my previous post – sign unseen. Very risky, I know, but it seemed like an amazing opportunity. Before you begin lecturing me, I know that this is how lots of people got into trouble – buying homes that […]

April 1st Check In

It’s April Fool’s Day. We have now completed a full 3 months of the second year of my debt reduction. Man, time flies! My birthday is coming up on Earth Day and in addition to giving myself the gift of one paid off loan, I’m trying to think of what gift to give you guys […]