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How to Prepare for Your International Move

There are many things that can take us away from our current location. Perhaps you currently live away from your family and your parents now need care. Or, maybe you just got a new job that will require you to move out of the country. Or perhaps you’ve finally decided to check a few items off your bucket list and seek adventure another country. Whatever the reason, you will need to be sure that you are thoroughly prepared and that everything is in order before you make this important move.

Stock Up On Cash

No matter which country you move to, money talks.  Now, keep in mind that you can’t take excessive amounts of physical cash with you through the airport (typically no more than $10,000 unless you like being detained for hours while the government checks to see if you are laundering cash), so plan to take just what you will need to sustain you for about one week.  By taking this cash you will be able to pay for food, shelter and whatever incidentals you incur upon your initial move.  […]